2015: What a rollercoaster

The annual ‘look-back’ blog post is upon us already. I remember quite vividly writing last year’s, sat in my parent’s front room, the Christmas tree lit up. New Year’s Eve was a fairly quiet one so I couldn’t even complain of a hangover. The same can’t be said for this year.

We kept it very civilised but made sure we enjoyed a drink or two. Starting with a thai meal, then onto a Magic Bar that had a Harry Potter theme (ah-mazing!) and finally finishing on Brandon Hill to witness the whole of Bristol welcoming the new year in. A great start to what will hopefully be a cracking 2016.

At the end of 2014 I wrote about not having a very memorable year, which wasn’t me complaining but apparently someone thought it’d be fun to mix things up in 2015.


There were a lot of surprises, both good and bad.

The first part of the year was hard and a real test of emotions. I cancelled my wedding three weeks before I was supposed to walk down the aisle and had to hurt someone, hoping in time they’d realise I’d done the right thing – albeit poorly timed on my behalf.

I was brokenhearted when my cat, Bonnie passed away. That little ball of fluff had such a big personality, I’m not sure that gap can ever be filled. Christmas certainly felt a little different without her opening a bag of treats and then collapsing in front of the fire because it was all a little too much.

In hindsight I can take a lot away from 2015. For a start, I’m stepping into 2016 with this handsome chap.

Probably the only adults without children at Legoland.

We’ve had plenty of adventures together over the last 6 months and long may they continue.

I’ve made a couple of standard resolutions for 2016 and others that seem a little unreachable but I’m feeling confident I’ll put 110% into accomplishing them.

2015, you were hard work but some lessons were learnt. Mainly, I need to stop holding everything so close to my chest – it can be detrimental to yourself and those around you. Must stop festering.

I’m shy, quiet, bit of an introvert – all of those things I know but along with this I also realised I can be brave. It’s pretty scary to feel forced into doing something and then have to turn around and say actually I don’t want to do that. I have only really put this into practice once but need to make it more of a lesson to live by. We have only one life – better make it a good one!

So, 2016, more life lessons but less drama please!

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a good one!



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