HomeSense August Bank holiday treats

So far we’ve had a pretty pathetic summer, the rain has graced it’s presence considerably more than the sunshine. The temperature has dropped that I’m convinced I fell asleep for the whole summer and have now woken up to Autumn.

Not a completely terrible thought, I love the colours on the trees, dusting off my autumnal coat, lazy darker mornings in bed, the crispness in the air and the cosy evenings. I’ve even already bought two pairs of Chelsea boots in preparation.

I’ve got a summer holiday in a few weeks so I still get a hit of summer, so I’m selfishly not complaining too much.

I recently made the relationship leap and moved in with James, which is really exciting. It’s great for me as I get to explore more of Bristol, great for James as he now has someone help pay the bills. There are of course other benefits.

Another one for me would be taking my Pinterest boards and making them a reality. James was pre-warned about this so he can’t take back asking me to move in (hopefully).

Just a few womanly touches here and there, cosying up the bedroom and adding some storage units to deal with what belongings come with me. HomeSense was the perfect place to stock up on what I needed.


Cushions galore! A great addition to any bedroom, when you need propping up of an evening whilst reading a book or in our case, watching The Office US.


Throws for another bed decoration, also a good foot warmer and ideal for wrapping up on the sofa with.

HomeSense has a number of storage units and ottomans, pretty handy for tidying stuff away or even storing summer clothes in to make way for new clothes. And if you happen to forget about said summer clothes and go and buy a whole new wardrobe next year, that’s no biggy.


I have a whole theme in my head for the bedroom, including new bedside lamps. HomeSense is not aiding my lamp obsession, there are far too many to choose from! If you’re feeling something a little more intimate, there is also a great selection of candles.

lamps homesense_325360872432996

Even if you are struggling for home decor ideas, a trip to HomeSense provides much inspiration for you to freshen up your home ready for Autumn.


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