Milkbar, Cheltenham: Something for those with a sweet tooth

Walking home from town at the weekend with my mum, I spotted a new shop slotted between Grid Iron and Swallow Bakery. When we got home I did a little research and found out the shop in question was Milkbar, a new shop that has already caused havoc to my wedding diet.

The following day I took my camera out with me and made sure Alan and I took a look.


The decor inside is really bright, clean and simple. It feels like you’re inside a beach hut, with an adorable little swing-bench which I think is for children but I really wanted to have a go. I resisted.

milkbar milkbar-7milkbar-4 milkbar-3

I also feel the need to own some milk bottle lamp shades.


The menu is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, you have a choice of gelato, crepes, sundaes, milkshakes, waffles. I’m already indecisive but with all these sweet-treats on offer, how can you pick just one thing??


In answer to that question, you can’t. So Alan and I tucked into a crepe each and shared a white chocolate and rosewater milkshake.

milkbar-8 milkbar-9

I had a simple lemon and sugar crepe and Alan had a nutella one, both didn’t disappoint. The milkshakes are made up from a choice of all the different gelato on offer. The white chocolate ice cream has little pieces of white chocolate mixed in, which made up the best milkshake.

It is set in the perfect location, especially when summer hits and people chill out in the Beer gardens just around the corner. A large scoop of gelato will go down nicely in the warm sun. I’m just not sure how I’m going to cope knowing the fact I can indulge in a crepe every weekend from now on.


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