“Paris is always a good idea”

According to Audrey Hepburn that is, and I tend to agree.

Day 3 in Paris was another jam-packed day. We awoke surprisingly chirpy considering the amount of wine we’d had the night before, went down for breakfast and made our way out into the city.

The weather was still dreary but had stopped raining so we decided to head towards the Eiffel Tower and get a closer look.

paris-50 paris-51 paris-52 paris-53

We stood around taking endless photographs, trying to avoid the beggars who trick you into giving them money. Alan almost got conned before I dragged him away…

We then got the tube down to the Catacombs, one of the largest in the world, where 6 million bodies lie. You go deep underground and make your way through narrow paths, through a doorway marked ‘Empire of the dead’ before finally making it to walls lined with bones.

paris-54 paris-55 paris-56 paris-64 paris-65 paris-66

I was fascinated by the idea at first but when you’re down there caved in with bones, it starts to get a bit eerie. After 45 minutes walking through the tunnels, you’re quite pleased to see daylight.

We stopped off for lunch and took a detour on the way to Notre Dame to take a look at the Pantheon.

paris-58 paris-57 paris-67

As soon as we reached the Notre Dame, I had a strong urge to watch the Disney film ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame.’ There is so much detail in the building, I could stare up at it for hours. I also tried looking for Quasimodo but to no avail.

paris-61 paris-70

Along from Notre Dame, is the Pont de l’archeveche otherwise known as the love-lock bridge. Couples bring padlocks with their names on and attach it to the bridge, forever ‘locking their love’ in Paris. Totally cliché, but also a little romantic, Alan and I had to join in.

paris-77 paris-69 paris-63

Our final trip that day was a visit to the Sacre Coeur, where you get the best views of Paris.

paris-71 paris-78

The Sacre Coeur is also very pretty.


After walking the length and breadth of Paris we took the tube back to the hotel and collapsed on the bed. We only resurfaced once our stomachs started to rumble. We were knackered but it was also our last night in Paris so I refused to stay in the hotel room. I also refused to walk any further than 10 minutes away.

Having our hotel adjacent to the Champs Elysee had it’s benefits but when you want a reasonable priced place to eat, you’re stuck. We ended up spending a hefty chunk in a Thai restaurant, luckily the food was lovely so we didn’t feel too ripped off.

paris-80 paris-73 paris-74 paris-79 paris-75 paris-76

On our last day in Paris we decided to skip the hotel breakfast and try a Parisian cafe. The French love their bread, which was evident in our breakfast. We had croissants, baguettes and four slices to dip in our eggs and bacon. Alan was loving it.

paris-81 paris-96 paris-82

Feeling fueled for the day we went in search of some Parisian pressies to bring back with us. We stopped off at Laduree to check out their amazing cakes.

paris-83 paris-84

So many colours and delicate details, it was mesmerising.

paris-85 paris-97

About half way down the Champs Elysee, the Christmas markets appeared. Both sides of the road we were tempted by sweet treats, hot dogs, soups, ice skating, champagne. I wished we had longer to try everything out.

paris-86 paris-87 paris-88 paris-89 paris-90 paris-91 paris-92 paris-93 paris-94 paris-95 paris-98

Once we came to the end of the markets, we headed to the hotel to pick up our bags and made our way to the train station. I think it’s safe to say we ticked everything off the tourist’s list, next time we’ll have a go at blending in with the Parisians.



4 thoughts on ““Paris is always a good idea”

  1. WOW, I didn’t realise those tunnels were even there! Will have to take a visit next time I’m in Paris (which will hopefully be next year woo!!)! I love you hair, the length is perfect! I need to have a chop, its waaay too long! xxx

    1. They were really creepy but worth a look! Aw thanks lovey, have you seen LC’s new hair? I’m tempted to have the chop after our wedding… I still idol the woman, it’s ridiculous! xxx

      1. I Love her hair! Quite fancy a “mob” but I’m unsure… I chopped it really short when I first feel pregnant with Darcie and hated it… I always get bored with my hair! xxx

      2. Ditto! I liked your hair short, it really suited you. I think I’d be the same though, love it at first but then miss the comfort of long hair.. xxx

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