From Paris, with love

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, the wedding has taken priority and we’ve been desperately trying to get our invites out. With just over 5 months to go we’ve already left it right up until the last minute! Designing them myself may have saved us some money but it did delay the process. Thankfully they are done and on their way to our guests.

I’ve been to Paris a couple of times before, the first time was with the family when I was a lot younger. The last time I went to Paris was six years ago on a University trip, as you can imagine I don’t remember a lot about the trip apart from the bar inside our hostel. When Alan sprung the trip on me as an early ‘anniversary’ present I decided I was going to make the most of the city this time around and tick off as many sights as possible.

We got the Euro star from London, Thursday lunchtime, arriving in Paris about 4pm (their time). It was such a breeze compared to flying. Alan had picked a gorgeous hotel, right in the centre of Paris, just off the Champs-Elysees. We had a free mini-bar in our room, plus free soft drinks and nibbles downstairs in the bar.

_DSC0117 _DSC0118 _DSC0119

Not wanting to waste any time, we freshened up, took advantage of the nibbles and went out to find a bite to eat. Our hotel was just a couple of minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe so it would have been silly to not have caught a glimpse of that first.

paris-5 paris paris-6

We then headed towards the River Seine, hoping to catch a boat trip and see the sights of Paris all lite up before we’d even had our first nights sleep. We were caught off guard when we stumbled upon this guy…


After snapping away like a couple of tourists, we finally found a restaurant and enjoyed some Italian food in France. As you do.

paris-2 paris-4 paris-8

We made our way to one of the boats along the river and managed to hitch a ride.

paris-11 paris-9 paris-12 paris-10 paris-3

The following day was Alan’s birthday, so we enjoyed a leisurely morning of presents and several rounds of breakfast. Hotel breakfasts are my worst enemy. If they’re good I struggle to limit myself to one or two things and end up eating everything! The amount of walking we did that day, it turned out eating my weight at breakfast was, for once, a good thing.

paris-14 paris-15 paris-17 paris-18

The weather was a little wet and miserable but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. Our first venture was to La Louvre, we’d prebooked our tickets so missed standing outside for the security queue and inside for the ticket queue – definitely a good idea.

paris-16 paris-19 paris-20 paris-21

We headed straight for the Mona Lisa, which as everyone says is horrible. People pushing, shoving, taking selfies, I took one photograph as people start to get annoyed if you stand at the front too long and actually try to enjoy it with your own eyes.

paris-22 paris-26

With that out the way we could take a little longer to appreciate some of the other pieces. The place is huge, you need a whole day to really take it all in.

paris-23 paris-24 paris-25 paris-27 paris-28 paris-29

Next, we had originally planned to go up the Eiffel Tower however when we left La Louvre we noticed the top of the Eiffel Tower had disappeared beneath the clouds. The views from the top were probably going to be a little distorted.

paris-31 paris-30

Instead we went onto Les Invalides, where we visited the Army museum and Napeleon’s tomb. The army museum was really good, I’ve had facts from World War two drummed into me from an early age from my dad, he wasn’t in WWII by the way, just obsessively interested in it. It’s rubbed off on me slightly so I especially enjoyed this part of the museum. There are replicas of all sorts of things, with videos and games to keep everyone entertained. After the museum we went around the back to Napoleon’s tomb, which is found in the church, directly beneath the large dome.

paris-32 paris-33 paris-34 paris-35 paris-36

After walking around two museums Alan and I were officially knackered. We headed back to the hotel for a lie down before heading out for dinner. I’d found the restaurant I wanted to take Alan to after some googling at home. I’d read about it on other blogs and heard it was popular with a couple of celebrities. If it’s good enough for them…

When we walked into our room, we found the staff had left a plate of goodies for Alan for his birthday. We hadn’t mentioned it to them but must have spotted the wrapping paper in the bin. That’s one way of knowing you’re staying in a good hotel.


Once we’d picked at the chocolates, we each took a nap before getting ready and heading out. We stopped off for a drink before making our way to the restaurant. The restaurant in question was Ferdi, known for having the best burgers in Paris – some even say the world. The outside of the restaurant gives nothing away, however when you step inside you’re transported back to your childhood. The walls are bursting with toy cars, dolls, action figures, it’s really very cool.

paris-38 paris-39 paris-40 paris-41

The menu has more offerings than just burgers but with them being famous, it was the only thing we were going to order. We also opted for a portion of fries and mac and cheese to share.

paris-42 paris-43 paris-44 paris-45

The burger tasted amazing, as did the mac and cheese. We were in our element. We both polished off our burgers in minutes, feeling satisfied with the food and my choice of restaurant. Ferdi prices weren’t too bad either, compared to other restaurants we ate at in Paris.

paris-46 paris-47 paris-48 paris-49

As always I took one too many photographs so have had to split this into two posts.


2 thoughts on “From Paris, with love

  1. Was in Paris at the same time I think… And in a hotel about 2 mins walk away …

    Small world


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