Money saving Wedding tips

Weddings are blooming expensive. I had this magical idea that I was going to be different, I was going to get the wedding I wanted but without financially crippling my parents. I was deluded. I haven’t gone as far as to bankrupt my parents but I failed to realise if you want the wedding of your dreams, you’re are going to have to pay. I have, however, learnt there are some areas where you can cut the corners and save yourselves a reasonable chunk.

Get your quotes in early

Vendors prices are always going up. Without the initial intention of booking, email potential vendors and get a quote. When you have made a decision and decide to book someone, they can sometimes tell you their prices have now increased. If they’re a reasonable enough company/person, you can show them the original quote and they should honour that.


Not necessarily a given, but don’t always accept the first offer. As soon as you mention the word ‘Wedding’, it seems it automatically entitles companies to add a couple of zeros on the end. Every wedding has a budget and vendors should know this. Being able to cater for each wedding should be a given. I’m not saying you should start bartering with the vicar, but explain your budget and see if they are willing to do you a deal.

Friends with benefits

Not in the rude way, please! As I said weddings are expensive so it always helps if you happen to know someone who can help out with particular aspects. It’s a great way to get a friend or family member involved, sometimes you get offered their services as a wedding gift.

Get married on a weekday

Bit of an obvious one, but has to be said getting married on a weekday can save you a lot of money. Sundays can be cheaper, but if they’re followed by a bank holiday, they’ll often be bumped up to a Saturday price. A weekday wedding can save at least a £1000, try to arrange it within a school holiday, that way children are off school, giving parents one less thing to worry about.

Seasonal flowers

Flowers help bring together the colour scheme of the wedding, they are a must. Like a lot of things, choosing flowers that aren’t in season is going to cause additional costs. Also keep in mind that sometimes you just can’t get particular flowers, I liked the idea of peonies but that was never going to happen in April.

There are obviously a lot more ways to save some pennies, but evidently the ‘big day’ is going to put a hold on you buying that new winter coat (boo). In the end your friends and family are there to celebrate you getting married and only you worry about the finer details, so try not to blow all your budget on the place names!


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