A proper introduction to Sushi


There is definitely a trend on my blog at the moment and it seems to circle around food. I’m either sharing a meal I’ve had out or having a go at making something myself. I’d like to say that this post is going to break the trend but it’s not. I’m going to talk about sushi.

The only experience of sushi that I have is from the little packs you get in M&S or Tesco, and visiting the popular chain, Yo!Sushi. Now, I’m no expert but I don’t think this stuff could be regarded as the highest quality sushi and so I may be lying to myself when I say I love it. I had to put this to the test and check out KibouSushi in Cheltenham.

Tucked away along Regent Street in the centre of town, KibouSushi opened it’s door in 2013 and has been a hit with locals ever since. Priding themselves on cooking authentic Japanese food to a high standard, Alan and I finally went to see what all the fuss was about.

We went on a Saturday lunchtime, having just beaten the rush and bagging the last table as we watched countless people having to be turned away. If that’s not a good sign, I don’t know what is!

Having not been to a Japanese restaurant before the menu felt a little intimidating at first glance, however the staff were really friendly and more than happy to talk us through it.


We picked out a number of dishes to share, so we could try a little bit of everything.


And I mean everything, it just kept coming.

_DSC0010 _DSC0013 _DSC0015 _DSC0016 _DSC0036 _DSC0038

The food was beautifully presented and so fresh. A great variety of food, I now feel I can say I have eaten authentic Sushi.

I think many locals had been waiting for something new and different to hit the town, Yo!Sushi didn’t really do that but KibouSushi did!


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