Unique finds

As part of my campaign with HomeSense I was tasked with visiting the new Cheltenham store to source some of their unique items and share my findings with you guys.

This was not a particularly hard task as all their items are unique. It’s perfect if you want your home to look different and offer some originality. I found some amazing gems that I’m keen to purchase for mine and Alan’s ‘bottom draw’.

_DSC0727 _DSC0728 _DSC0729

I love some of the vintage pieces like the vinyl player, such a great statement item or the skull bookends. So many items that can help show off your indiviual style. Some of the more classic items look like you’ve spent a fortune when in fact you’ve got a bargain.

_DSC0724 _DSC0725 _DSC0726 _DSC0732

This whole campaign with HomeSense has given me itchy feet, I can’t wait to fill a home with unique little trinkets that don’t cost a fortune. If only I could say the same about house prices…


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