Where to go for Tea and Cake in Cheltenham

Or coffee and sandwiches, whatever floats your boat. I always forget the different places on offer when picking a place to go for lunch. We’ve got the Costa’s, the Starbucks and the Soho Coffee’s but I usually find cakes taste better if they haven’t been in transit for several days.

This post is essentially to jog my memory of some of my favourite places to go for a daytime catch up with friends or the fiance.

1. Morans, Bath Road


A well known and popular location for meet-ups in Cheltenham, family run and family bakers. You’ll find some top notch homemade cakes in Morans that are impossible to resist as well as Tapas and sandwiches to suit the more savoury fans. Not somewhere you can just go for lunch, but they have a lovely restaurant too.

2. Moka cafe, Suffolk Parade


Moka Cafe another family run independent cafe, hidden away in Suffolk Parade. It’s very relaxed inside, with a couple of seats outside to do some people watching. They offer a wide range of hot drinks and some superb carrot cake that Alan and I devoured in seconds.

3. Boston Tea Party, Clarence Street

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Not having been open very long in Cheltenham, BTP is already very popular. Saturdays can often be quite hectic and you have to keep an eye out for a table but it’s worth the wait. I often enjoy a salad or one of their burgers, that come with the best fries, but have also indulged in their cakes. Their scones are beautiful.

4. Curious Cafe, Bath Road


Curious Cafe can also be found along the Bath Road, well known for their amazing cooked breakfasts. A wide range of lunch treats and cakes are also on offer. You can enjoy your food inside or head towards the back and go to sit in their secret garden.

I’m always on the look-out for lunch spots so if you guys know of any others, feel free to leave a suggestion.


5 thoughts on “Where to go for Tea and Cake in Cheltenham

  1. Love this! I’m also from Cheltenham and I’ve just had a scroll through your blog, I’m really enjoying seeing some familiar places from home :)

    Liza x

      1. I’m at university in Abu Dhabi so I don’t spend much time at home any more, which is why it’s great to see your adventures around the Cotswolds :) x

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