Two planes, two trains, all to see a bit of Spain – Part 3

My final blog post on Spain, I promise. After a full on first day in Barcelona, we took a slightly more relaxed approach for the rest of the trip.

I got myself in the map and directed us to Barcelona Cathedral. I’m always in charge of the map.

_DSC0454 _DSC0462 _DSC0470

The plan was to then go on to the Barcelona History Museum but I got us lost.. my map skills were sometimes debatable. Luckily we ended up close enough to Ciutadella Park, which is unlike most city parks and more of an oasis. Don’t you just want to dive in?

_DSC0478 _DSC0479 _DSC0483 _DSC0484 _DSC0488 _DSC0490

We resisted jumping in and headed back to the seafront for a spot of lunch, giving our feet a bit of a rest.

_DSC0491 _DSC0494 _DSC0495 _DSC0496

One of the nicest meals we had and reasonably priced for somewhere so near the sea. We took a leisurely stroll back along the port and taking on the true Spanish lifestyle we headed back to the hotel for a siesta, refresh before heading out to one of my highlights of the trip.

That evening we were going to finally try out some authentic Spanish food in the form of a Tapas Tour. Run by the same company we did our free walking tour in Madrid with, it also came with high recommendations from my brother. We began in a michelin starred restaurant where we had four different tapas and a drink of our choice. Excuse the pictures, they don’t really do the food justice.

_DSC0521 _DSC0514 _DSC0511 _DSC0513 _DSC0515 _DSC0516 _DSC0517 _DSC0519

Apart from the bread, all dishes were really good. The potatoes were really spicy and the fried cheese and ham croquettes tasted amazing!

We walked two minutes down the road to the next place where we were given two tapas each and jugs of beer and wine.


The beer and wine were in Parrons, these things take a little getting used to. You’ve basically got to hold it above your head, tip at the right angle and hope you’ve aimed for your mouth and not up your nose. When you’ve stopped drinking you have to tip it in the other direction to stop it ending up all over your face. This is where I struggled.

_DSC0535 _DSC0526 _DSC0527 _DSC0536 _DSC0530

The final stop we had a few more tapas, although these weren’t as nice as they mainly consisted of stuff on bread. We enjoyed another drink and once everyone had finished we went into the bar area to have a shot. I’m not entirely sure what the shot was, but it tasted pretty good! We left the younger kids to party on later into the night and headed home. Definitely recommend!

_DSC0540 _DSC0541

Our last full day in Barcelona, Alan was off to do the Stadium tour as one stadium tour in Madrid was not enough. Luckily there were plenty of Mango’s and Zara’s to keep me happy so I went off shopping for some more Autumnal treats. We met up a few hours later at the La Boqueria, an amazing food market just off La Ramblas.

_DSC0452 _DSC0542 _DSC0543 _DSC0544 _DSC0545 _DSC0546 _DSC0547

We got offered some free samples and Alan indulged in a Coconut and Strawberry smoothie, it was beautiful! However, there was too much choice for lunch so we opted for a restaurant outside the market, along La Ramblas. On a roll with our Spanish cuisine we opted for Paella.

_DSC0550 _DSC0551 _DSC0553

The rest of the day went a little down hill when I took us to what I thought was Guell Park, but was in fact Palau Guell. I thought it was a little odd that we had to pay €24 for something I was sure was free. Palau Guell was beautiful inside but when you’re expecting to see the large lizard that sits at the edge of the Guell Park, you can only be a little disappointed.

_DSC0557 _DSC0559 _DSC0561

I only confessed to Alan we’d come to the wrong place once we reached the roof… I didn’t live it down for several days after. The Guell Park was in fact quite far away so we decided to leave it until later. We went in search of souvenir gifts but struggled to find anything that wasn’t really tacky. We tried to visit the Barcelona History Museum again, this time we found it, however it was beginning to close, so we were advised to try another time.

We’d walked around for several hours without a pit stop before realising it was time for dinner. We stopped at an Italian place with the idea of pizza but instead opted for a more British meal of steak and chips, preparing ourselves for home-time.

_DSC0568 _DSC0570

We’d regained some strength and decided to catch the subway over to Guell Park, however by the time we’d got there it had gone dark! A little disappointed we turned back around and called it a day.

So Barcelona, as I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to, I will be back!


3 thoughts on “Two planes, two trains, all to see a bit of Spain – Part 3

  1. Wow! You did so many things in Barcelona. The pictures of the tapas, wine and paella are mouth-watering. I visited it two weeks ago so this post brought me really nice memories! What did you like most of the city?

    1. Pleased to hear it brought back nice memories for you. Holiday posts always make me want to go back! I’m not sure, lots of things. The whole city is beautiful. You have plenty of history and culture and then you’re just minutes from a gorgeous beach. Best of both worlds! How about you? x

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