Bill’s Restaurant, Cheltenham

The plan for the first day back from our holiday was to relax. We’d done so much walking in Madrid and Barcelona our legs had almost seized up. However, once I remembered Bill’s Restaurant had launched in town I had to go check it out immediately.

With the fiance and sister in tow we shuffled along to Regent Street with grumbling bellies and pretty high expectations.


It was surprisingly busy for a weekday so we were seated upstairs. The interior is a real mix with plush brown leather benches that my sister and I sunk straight into. There are a number of elegant chandeliers dotted around, with also low hanging rustic lampshades.

_DSC0599 _DSC0579

There is an array of odd furniture pieces and decorative tableware. It’s a cosy, informal feel for a lunchtime but I imagine it could feel more intimate in the evening.

_DSC0604 _DSC0578_DSC0606

There’s a broad menu which made it hard for us to make a decision, they also do breakfast until 12pm, which we were all keen to try out.

_DSC0571 _DSC0582

Eventually we made up our minds and finally allowed the waiter to take our order. Whilst sipping our drinks, we discussed the wedding suits Alan had just tried on and how we needed to get a move on with only 6 months to go. My mum and sister picked up my wedding dress whilst we were away so if all else fails at least I’ll be dressed appropriately.

_DSC0583 _DSC0585 _DSC0586_DSC0580 _DSC0581

Soon enough our food arrived. Alan had gone for the burger, Nat had the fish finger sandwich and I went for the crab and prawn fishcakes. Mine was in fact a starter but asked for it as a main alongside some skinny fries. My twisted attempt at being healthy…

_DSC0592 _DSC0593 _DSC0595

None of us had any complaints about the food. My fishcakes were amazingly good – full of flavour and tasted really fresh.

Downstairs there are also little treats to take home with you. My sister spotted the pink chocolate buttons a mile off that I’m sure she’ll be purchasing in the not too distant future.


If you fancy being a little healthier you could simply opt for a piece of fruit on your exit!


You can find out more about Bill’s restaurant on their website here.


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