Roadtripping for a Wedding

Last Friday Alan and I packed up our bags, I got behind the wheel (Alan tried to hide his white knuckles throughout the journey) and began our drive across to Norfolk. My lovely Uni friends Kay and Jamie were tying the knot after 8 years together and I was super excited to be invited along to join in the celebrations.

Having lived with these guys for 2 years I can honestly say they are the cutest couple I know. Whilst flying the singleton flag through Uni I knew when it was time to settle down that I wanted a relationship just like what they had. It was about time they put pen to paper and made this thing official!

Alan and I stopped off in Bedford for the night to break up the journey, before arriving at the venue Saturday morning. Jamie was there along with his ushers, dad and best man looking calm as a cucumber. He showed Alan and I to our room inside a large house just off the side of the venue.


The house along with the venue was gorgeous, there was a lot of room to play with but not too much that you lost people.

Soon enough we were shuffled into the barn as Kay was about to arrive. Kay looked amazing and her dress was beautiful, part of it reminded me of mine and I turned to Alan and said ‘My dress has got…’ before realising what I was doing!

_DSC0456 _DSC0458 _DSC0461

The whole day continued on a high. They were predicted rain, however, the sun shone throughout.

_DSC0467 _DSC0471 _DSC0473 _DSC0480 _DSC0486_DSC0505 _DSC0513 _DSC0514 _DSC0516 _DSC0528 _DSC0536 _DSC0542 _DSC0582 _DSC0594 _DSC0596 _DSC0600 _DSC0604 _DSC0609 _DSC0615 _DSC0617_DSC0625 _DSC0631 _DSC0646 _DSC0697

The free bar put an end to my fun at 11pm when I made the decision to retire to bed before I embarrassed myself. I don’t think Kay and Jamie wanted to relive those Uni memories of me not being able to handle my drink.

The next day we were fed a lovely cooked breakfast and bid our farewells to the newly weds – who were off on their way to St Ives for their Honeymoon.

Congratulations again guys!

We began the long journey home, but not before stopping off  in Cambridge. I’d always wanted to take a trip there so decided to make the visit as we were passing through.

The city is beautiful, with a great blend of old and new buildings. The new malls make it a great shopping destination and the old churches and colleges are perfect for a day taking photographs – which was the main reason for our visit.

_DSC0724 _DSC0726 _DSC0733 _DSC0735 _DSC0736 _DSC0740 _DSC0743 _DSC0745

Once we’d got our bearings we made a pit-stop for some lunch at an authentic Italian restaurant.

_DSC0773_DSC0770 _DSC0771

We then headed to the river to catch a ride on one of the punts.

_DSC0752 _DSC0761

Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea so we didn’t have time to queue. Instead we decided to hire some bikes for an hour to make sure we covered as much of the city as we could. We tried to follow the boats along the river before getting told off for taking our bikes onto the grass of King’s College.

_DSC0775 _DSC0778 _DSC0781 _DSC0783 _DSC0784 _DSC0786

We ended the weekend with a sweet treat. I indulged in a white chocolate, marshmallow and banana crepe and Alan had a mint choc chip and toffee crunch ice cream.

_DSC0790 _DSC0793 _DSC0797


2 thoughts on “Roadtripping for a Wedding

  1. Such a lovely read, I was born and grew up in Norfolk :) Was half expecting to see someone I know pop up in the background of your photos cos it’s that kind of place :D

    Cambridge is beautiful, I went there on a team building day with work once and we had a lovely day on a punt eating strawberries!

    Chloe x

    1. Thank you for the comment Chloe :)

      Haha! I think my friends have mentioned something similar.

      Definitely need to return one day to Cambridge and have a go on the punts. What a great way to spend a team building day!

      Steph x

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