Top Cocktail bar destinations in Cheltenham

All in the name of blogging, I completed a cocktail bar crawl this weekend to compare some of the best places to go for an Appletini (among other drinks) in Cheltenham.

I know I’m too kind, right?

To make sure I didn’t become too inebriated and drop my camera in a Strawberry Daiquiri I split the crawl over two evenings, one with my sister, the other with Alan. I believe we came up trumps on both nights, having sampled some tasty cocktail concoctions in places I’ll definitely be returning to.

1. Lily Gins, Regent Street


First up, Lily Gins. A relatively new cocktail bar on the scene with the theme of an old Victorian bordello bar. Both upstairs and downstairs follow this theme in decor and atmosphere, with cosy sofas and deep hanging fabrics.

_DSC0229 _DSC0241 _DSC0246

The menu is full of a unique blend of cocktails, as well as wines and spirits and runs the same Victorian theme with the naming and explanation of their drinks. I would also like to add I love their choice of font.


They offer 2-4-1 on their cocktails most days of the week, varying on times depending on the day. We visited on Saturday, so had until 8pm to sample a couple at a bargain price. Our first choice was the ‘Twinkle’, which was a mix of prosecco, elderflower and vodka. For me it was the perfect blend as I love elderflower and a bit of fizz.



Next up, Alan wanted something a little more manly so opted for the ‘Apple Sinthe’. This mix of Pernod, Apple juice and fresh passion fruit also went down a treat.



Lily Gins is a great addition to Cheltenham. The style and atmosphere suits the town perfectly, I’d highly recommend a visit.

2. Coco Beach, Cambray Place


Coco Beach impresses as soon as you step through the door with a giant fish tank lighting up the floor. To your immediate right there is an intimite section with a couple of tables and chairs made out like a beach hut. How have I never been here?!

_DSC0280 _DSC0282

The seated area nearest to the bar has several cosy rounded leather sofas and chairs, with a screen above the bar showing some amazing surfing clips.



I’m a big fan of any strawberry flavoured cocktails so decided to try the ‘Strawberry Wave’. It did not disappoint with it’s unique flavour and refreshing addition of strawberry pieces. Alan had a gin flavoured cocktail but I can’t remember the name – however it was presented in a great beach-style mug.

_DSC0256 _DSC0260

I was really impressed with the quality of cocktails in Coco beach. It’s a fun theme too, you can almost pretend you’re somewhere a little more exotic even if it’s raining outside.

3. Six Degrees of Separation, Regent Street


Another relatively new establishment is Six Degrees of Separation. Set in the centre of town, only a stones throw away from Lily Gins. There is a great vibe as soon as you walk through the door, it’s friendly and easy-going – you almost feel like you’re walking into your friend’s house.

_DSC0761 _DSC0727

The decor is minimal but works really well. There is a bike hanging on the wall in the entrance and suitcases perched on shelves and an amazing image of a stag across one of the walls upstairs.

_DSC0756 _DSC0726 _DSC0725

After a quick look around, my sister and I perused the menu. Six Degrees of Separation also offer 2-4-1 on cocktails everyday, we managed to nab a flyer so we could enjoy the offer until 10pm. It’s not on all the cocktails but you are able to mix and match.


My first choice was ‘The White Flower’. A mix of vodka, limoncello, elderflower and lychee juice which was lovely and sharp. Nat had the ‘Strawberry Mojito’, with added mint making it hugely refreshing.

_DSC0729 _DSC0735

They both went down a little easily, soon enough we were deciding on our next choice.


I got cocktail-envy so opted for Nat’s strawberry mojito, whilst she went for a ‘French Martini’ which was made up of vodka, chambord and pineapple juice.


I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed it..


Just before we were about to leave we were treated to a little live music. Every Friday night Six Degrees invites live musicians to a ‘busk-off’. You are given several chips to hand in at the bar and vote for your favourite.

_DSC0750 _DSC0757

We only saw the first guy so he got our vote, as did Six Degrees of Separation.

4. Crazy 8s, The Promenade


Crazy 8s bar is part of a new restaurant with rooms (as it likes to be called) in Cheltenham, No 131. It too hasn’t been around very long but is already the place to be seen in town. The striking exterior stands out along the Promenade and gives the impression of being grand yet informal.


We walked around the side to the entrance to the bar where there is a lovely intimite seated outside area. The large marble bar is stocked full of various bottles and you can perch on little bar stools whilst you choose your beverage. There is also a DJ playing music at a reasonable volume, so you can still talk to friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

_DSC0709 _DSC0711 _DSC0712

The cocktails are a little more expensive which is to be expected so I enjoyed a glass of prosecco, whilst Nat tried a Dry Daiquiri – a mix of rum, lime, sugar, campari, and passion fruit. By far one of the stronger cocktails of the two nights, so at least you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

_DSC0698 _DSC0704 _DSC0706 _DSC0707 _DSC0710

We finished off our cocktails outside the front of the restaurant and enjoyed watching the world go by.



So those are my favourite places to go for cocktails – let me know if you can recommend any others, I’d be more than happy to try them out.


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