The One

No I’m not referring to a physical being, but a dress. One that I will be wearing when I do commit to said physical being.

My wedding dress.

This is the one area that most women look forward to when planning their wedding. I, however was pretty nervous. Partly due to the fact I had to strip down to my underwear in front of complete strangers but also the amount of pressure you feel to find ‘The One’. The one that sees your mum and sister grabbing for the tissues, the one you can imagine wearing as you walk down the aisle, the one that sets your future husband off into a blubbering mess as soon as he sees you (totally hoping for this).

I have tried on a fair few wedding dresses now and I’ve yet to experience any of the above. I have however, completely loved it. My initial reservations were quashed as soon as I tried on the first dress. I came away thinking this is so much fun, trying on fancy dresses without the pressure to buy any of them. They are all so beautiful, even the ones that didn’t suit me, I don’t want to say I felt like a Princess as that’s not really what I’m going for but you do feel special.

I have been to six shops, four have been in Cheltenham and the other two slightly further afield. I’ve come to the conclusion there is no need to go outside of Cheltenham for a wedding dress, the service in the four I have been to has been second-to-none.

My first appointment was at Chanticleer, where I realised the dress I had imagined myself wearing down the aisle didn’t look quite so good in the flesh. I also found out that being tall has it’s advantages as most of the dresses are the perfect length – at least we’re getting our money’s worth by not chopping any of the material off! I tried on seven dresses in total and came away loving five of them. My worries of not finding anything I liked soon developed into, how do I decide on just one!


With a firmer idea in my head of what I wanted I went along to other bridal shops feeling confident I could narrow things down. Over the next couple of months I had appointments with Simply Bridal, Wedding Days and Cotswold Bride.


I received the same high standard of service as I had in Chanticleer, no one pushed me into buying one of their dresses and all offered valuable advice, even recommending other places to try as though they really wanted me to find my dress without fear of competition. I was even able to take photographs in Cotswold Bride, which was incredibly useful. Eventually all the dresses you try on become a blur and it’s easy to forget the finer details.

Having polished off all appointments, I can now imagine the dress I will be wearing on my wedding day. I still have yet to narrow it down to ‘The One’ but I will be revisiting the above shops over the next couple of weeks to nail down one of the biggest (and most important) pieces of our wedding day puzzle.


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