Amster-dammm, you fine girl

See what I did there? I’m not sure if Amsterdam is referred to as a female but I thought of this title whilst we were away and feel I now need to roll with it.

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week, as you may have already guessed we were in Amsterdam for a few days. It’s so nice to get away from the routine and same old surroundings, it was a break we were both really looking forward to. The trip didn’t start off too great with our 11.20am flight being cancelled due to fog, however we were able to get on the next one at 1.20pm – it was more the fact that I could have had an extra 2 hours in bed that annoyed me most.

Within a couple of hours of leaving the UK we were already at our hotel. The flight is wonderfully short – about 55 minutes, and the hotel was only a 15 minute train ride from Amsterdam airport. We both loved our hotel, mainly due to its quirky-looking exterior but also the pool and sauna were an added bonus after a full day sightseeing.





I’d pre-booked tickets for the Anne Frank house for the same evening so we headed into the centre to finally get a glimpse of what this city had to offer. First on the agenda was food. One of the girls at work recommended a great place for pancakes so we opted for this as it was conveniently located just up the road from Anne Frank. Along the way we passed through the Dam Square, which holds the old Palace and the largest WWII memorial in Amsterdam and also an Anne Frank statue.





Our pancake choices consisted of one savoury with cheese and chorizo, the other sweet with banana and nutella. The table also holds treacle, honey and syrup if they’re not quite sweet enough for you.





Definitely a place to go if you appreciate good pancakes like us.

We were enjoying our pancakes a little too much that we had to put in a little jog to get to the Anne Frank house at our designated time. Unfortunately, but understandably you can’t take photographs inside but you really need to experience it for yourself.




I really enjoyed the visit, my dad has always been fascinated my WWII and I believe some of that has rubbed off on me. I’d recommend booking online beforehand as the queues can be a little ridiculous.


Our second day wasn’t all that great. All our plans were washed down the pan early on when we went to get tickets to visit the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum, only to be told they were sold out. Luckily they still had tickets for the following day so nabbed those up pretty swiftly. I would just like to note that my parents went to Amsterdam only a few weeks before us and reassured us we did not need to pre-book any tickets… won’t be listening to them again. To pick ourselves up we joined in with the other tourists and got a little snap-happy with the Amsterdam letters.






With the day all a bit of a jumble we decided to try the Dutch Resistance museum. Along the way we manage to tick off a majority of things we wanted to see including the Auschwitz memorial, a really old cinema with some amazing architecture, Rembrandt Square plus a delightful cheese shop with lots of tasters.










We managed to get into the Dutch Resistance museum without a hitch and educated ourselves on their history.



We stopped for a light bite and then made our way back to the station but not before visiting Nemo, Amsterdams science museum. We didn’t actually go inside, just sat on the top of it and enjoyed the views across the city.







After a tiring and full day of walking we headed back to the hotel for a nap and a refresh.

Later that evening we went back into the centre and visited a restaurant my parents went to called Humphreys. The place was really busy so we had to prop ourselves up on the bar for a while before we got a seat. Now I’m all for waiting, I mean I’m British, why wouldn’t I be but when people who come in after you get a table first I’m not a happy bunny.


Once we’d been seated and a glass of wine later I was a little happier.



Even more so when the food came along. They offer a set menu of three courses for €25, which was a pretty good deal. For starters I went for Tapas and Alan had garlic mushrooms.



For mains I had moussaka and Alan had mixed grill. Your table is then piled high with sides including salad, chips and dips. This was looking better than a Van Gogh painting.


And finally for dessert Alan had chocolate fondant and I had a Dutch take on Eton mess.


After initial hesitations we left the restaurant fuller and happier. As we learnt throughout this trip if you think somewhere is going to be busy, book.

I will post the last part of our trip tomorrow :-)


One thought on “Amster-dammm, you fine girl

  1. The architecture look amazing, could photograph them whole day. Would love to be able to that. Sure looks like everyone is having fun by the Amsterdam sign, quite a stunning place to be and explore. The way I love looking at all your pictures as if they have a story of there own.

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