Weddings, weddings, weddings

My life now revolves around them. For the past couple of months I’ve been occupying my weekends by traipsing round various Gloucestershire Wedding venues, the family have been coming along for the ride too.


We’ve looked at Barns, Manor houses, Castles and they either come up too expensive or they’re not what we are after. We’ve been quoted all sorts of prices from £7000 to £15,000, the latter was expected but you are still lost for words.

We did eventually fall for one particular venue, even cutting our list down and moving dates around to make sure we could afford it. We’d chosen the Thursday before Good Friday, that way we could get a Monday to Thursday price and most our guests would have the Friday off – however the venue got back to us and said this would be charged at a Saturday rate, which would have added an extra £3000 to our total. So disheartening and almost greedy of the venue that we’ve been put off.

We are now back to the drawing board. I don’t know if I’m being completely fussy but I have this image in my head of our wedding and I’m just waiting for the right venue to come along to contain it.


4 thoughts on “Weddings, weddings, weddings

    1. That was everything but it was also Sudeley Castle. I’m not sure why we bothered looking round! That was a 2nd venue viewing so obviously a little delusional lol…xxx

      1. Oh well actually that’s not too bad then!!! Our venue fee just covers the venue…. Nothing else 😳 it kind of depresses me!!!!

      2. It is so expensive – I wasn’t really prepared for the cost. When people said £10,000 was the average wedding cost, I thought they were exaggerating! xxx

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