Birthday Celebrations

Last weekend was Alan’s Birthday and for some reason I decided to spend a small fortune on it.

I already planned the one present months and months ago, which was a trip to his football team’s (Tottenham) home ground, White Hart Lane. I then thought instead of just driving up there for an hour and a half, we might as well stay in London for the night. With that in mind, I started to think of other things to fill the time and eventually came up with a trip to the Icebar and a meal at Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Maze. I wanted to get Ramsay’s main restaurant but the place was booked up for weeks!

But after all that I still felt I needed to get him something to open. As we were going somewhere he would want to take pictures I decided on a camera after he’d managed to get sand in the one I got him 2 years previous. He’s been eyeing up my SLR for some time but I know Alan will never actually get round to learning how to use it properly (and so does he). I went for a compact style camera – which is similar to an SLR, with the lenses etc but isn’t as bulky. I presented the camera, meal at Ramsay’s and other small gifts on the morning of his birthday. I left the stadium tour until we got to London.

DSC_1127 DSC_1128 DSC_1135 DSC_1136 DSC_1137

As we weren’t going to London until the next day, we filled the day up with a lunch with Alan’s mum at Tewkesbury Abbey Tea Rooms, I booked us some cinema tickets to see Gravity in the Screening Rooms and then cooked him a meal in the evening. Perfect chilled out day to prepare us for a busy weekend.

P1000003 P1000005 P1000006 P1000014 P1000015 P1000016 P1000018 P1000020 P1000021 P1000034 P1000037 P1000038 P1000040 P1000043

As soon as we arrived in London the following morning, I presented Alan with his Tottenham shirt and the tour tickets. One word: Emotional. Probably more than when he proposed..I let it slide.


I enjoyed the tour but Alan LOVED it. We were always trying to keep up with the group as Alan wanted to take pictures of everything. I’m not exaggerating.

P1000060 P1000062 P1000079 P1000112 P1000141 P1000145 P1000147

We got back to the hotel with only an hour to freshen up, get ready and head back out. Our next stop was the Icebar, which was just off Regent Street. We eventually found it with a little help from two bouncers.

P1000161 P1000162 P1000163 P1000167 P1000169 P1000171 P1000166 967094_10153470216715128_254267184_o

The drinks are really strong, I couldn’t drink mine but Alan was happy to finish it off. As you may have guessed it is freezing in there, even with the gloves and hoody they supply you with. It’s quite a unique experience but worth a visit.

Finally we made our way to Gordon Ramsay’s Maze. We started off with drinks, I had a Watermelon and Strawberry Martini which was amazing!

P1000175 P1000177 P1000180 P1000182 P1000183

After I’d downed my drink we were shown to our table where we delved into the menu. We decided to choose 7 different courses we liked the sound of and share them between us.

P1000187 P1000189 P1000192 P1000194 P1000195 P1000196 P1000197 P1000198 P1000199 P1000202

The food was beautifully presented and our first real experience of fine dining. Some of the food wasn’t to our taste for example, the beef teriyaki but overall it was gorgeous. The staff were extremely helpful and made you feel very welcome.

When we left we walked back towards Regent Street and were dazzled by London’s Christmas Lights display. Selfridges was most impressive.

P1000204 P1000210 P1000209 P1000207

The following day we were free to do what we wanted and what better way to spend a day in London than shopping. Luckily for Alan we only managed a couple of hours before it was ready for lunchtime. We decided to go to one of our favourite American fast food joints, Shake Shack.

P1000212 P1000213 DSC_1142 DSC_1152

Even though there was a queue for your food and then a queue for a table, it was definitely worth it.

P1000214 DSC_1146 DSC_1147 DSC_1148 P1000218

We wondered around for an hour or so before making our way back home to a cup of tea and birthday cake.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Great Blog Steph, I particularly like the sound of the IceBar and Ramsey’s must make a date for both sometime soon.x

  2. Always wanted to go to a Ramsey restaurant! :) Must give it a try sometime. Glad Alan had a lovely birthday, you sound like the best fiance ever haha. Men and their football… xx

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