The Screening Rooms, Cheltenham

I have been meaning to blog about this place ever since it opened over a year ago but have always forgotten to take my camera. The Screening Rooms is basically a posh version of your average cinema, it is part of Cineworld Cinemas and Cheltenham was and still is the only town to house one.

When it opened they held a premiere for the new film Bridesmaids, Alan was currently a manager at Cineworld and offered 2 x free passes to go experience the new screens, very kindly he gave them to myself and my sister. Once I had been there, I found it hard to watch a film anywhere else.

In the foyer there are plenty of comfortable seating areas, along with a stocked up bar to enjoy a drink before you watch your film.

DSC_0767 DSC_0766 DSC_0770



The screens themselves are a lot smaller than most of the screens in the Cineworld complex next door making them more intimate, however the leg room is very generous. There is no awkward swivel or the bum in mid-air pose to allow people to pass – there is ample room for you to stretch your legs out without having to use the chair next to you. There is even a table in between seats for any food or drink you may have purchased.


Speaking of food – during the ads there are members of staff there to take your food and/or drinks order and bring it to you. Great stuff. Alan and myself have dabbled in numerous things off the menu, including their Thai Platter, the ramekins of treats for example chilli puffs, smoky chilli nuts, jelly beans etc. Of course they still offer the norm like popcorn and ice cream. On our most recent trip we went for the nachos and some ramekins!

DSC_0774 DSC_0773

I somehow managed to eat all the jalapeños without even considering if Alan wanted any. My bad.

If you haven’t been yet, I would definitely recommend a visit, just to experience a bit of luxury whilst visiting the cinema. It is a little more expensive – but if you want to enjoy a particular film without certain people talking all the way through then it is worth it. Full details here.


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