Road Tripping – Sheffield

This weekend my mum and I went up to visit my sister in Sheffield where she is studying for her degree. The weekend mainly consisted of eating and shopping. We arrived around 6pm after an extra long journey of ridiculous traffic and got a little tour of Nat’s new living quarters.

After a little freshening up we headed out to some of the local Restaurants and Eateries that were within walking distance of where we were staying. The city is bursting with students, which has obviously brought in a lot of money and funding – they seem to cater for them wherever you go.

We decided to fill our bellies in an Italian restaurant called, Nonna’s. We had some lovely bread to start with, accompanied by Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. For mains I had the Lasagne, Nat had the Meatballs and mum had the Lamb – all very delicious.

The atmosphere is also warm and friendly, with the staff being very tentative to your needs. If you are in Sheffield, I would definitely recommend it.

The following day we went shopping in Meadowhall – it is a huge shopping centre, with I think every shop you would ever need. We somehow managed to spend 9 hours there! I was knackered after about 4 hours, but mum and sister can just keep on shopping. Although in that 4 hours I managed to buy a top from Zara, some Accessorize earrings, some leather gloves, a pair of really nice boots (I will blog about them soon) and a christmas present for mum. That’s good for me! My mum and sister were also shopping for New Year’s Eve dresses and tried a couple on.

They were part of Kelly Brook’s new range in New Look, but weren’t the best of quality as the sequins were already falling off!

After a LONG day and having thoroughly walked off all the food we had eaten the night before and during the day, we went off in search of a place to rest our feet and fill our stomachs again. We originally decided on an area near the shopping centre however it was so jam packed, there was no hope of getting a parking space so we headed nearer to Nat’s digs and found somewhere there.

We opted for an Indian this time, which definitely hit the spot. We had some poppadoms to start along with the pickles and dips, then I went for the Chicken Jalfrezi, Nat had the Butter Chicken and Mum went for something a little healthier. Oh and some Peshwari Naan. Indian has to be one of my favourite foods, so much flavour and spice – I like to think the spicier it is, the less it’ll effect my waistline…

After the meal we headed back to the flat and enjoyed a hot drink whilst admiring Nat’s amazing view of the city from her bedroom. I took a picture on my phone, but it doesn’t really do it justice.

We hopped into bed, preparing ourselves for the drive back in the morning. Nat played a great host and was lovely spending a girly weekend with both her and mum. She’s back to Cheltenham next weekend for another one, as the town is turning on the Christmas lights. Bring on the German Hotdogs, Crepes and Christmas Markets!

For now I’m back on the job hunt, well I should be but a little madam keeps getting in the way. I think she must enjoy having me at home more.


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