Laser Teeth Whitening

I few months ago I saw an offer of half price Laser Teeth Whitening at a local spa – I was tempted but resisted as I couldn’t really afford such luxuries after having moved out of my parent’s house.

Then a couple of weeks ago a Groupon offer popped up that offered the service for only £29.50 at the same spa. I bought it without hesitation.

I finally managed to get an appointment booked in last Saturday so put off my lie in until Sunday and went in on the morning. The company I went to is called ‘All Your Life’, with branches in Cheltenham and Swindon. They offer anything from makeovers, teeth whitening, spas and medical cosmetics. Check out their website here.

After filling out all the health and safety sheets and reading the endless list of foods and drinks I couldn’t eat for the next 48 hours, I was taken down to one of the spa rooms. Having a slight fear of the dentists, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a relaxing room with coloured walls and soothing music – a complete contrast to what you’d find in a dentist surgery.

For the ‘procedure’ you need to wear a really attractive mouth guard that separates the top and bottom teeth, making sure all the teeth can be seen and a pair of huge red tinted glasses. Any saliva on the teeth is removed and then a coating of a gel-like substance is applied. The laser lamp is then positioned directly over the top of the teeth and I was left alone for 15 minutes, trying not to fall asleep to the calming music.

Below are images before and after the whitening.

My teeth weren’t all that bad before and the difference isn’t probably as dramatic as I would have liked – however I apparently have some floride issues on my teeth, which I should probably see the dentist about that have hinder the process slightly. The treatment was also only 15 minutes long so I imagine if it had been just another 15 minutes the results would have been a lot better.

Overall for under £30.00 I am satisfied with the end result – but in all honesty, if the Groupon voucher came up again I think I’d save my £30.00 and go buy a nice top instead.


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