House of Harlow

I have often lusted over the House of Harlow jewellery line from Nicole Richie, they have such unique, abstract designs that really make a statement. The line only launched in 2009 and has since gathered a huge following of celebrities. The collection can be found in Selfridges and various websites including Accessories Online, that currently have a 20% discount code off all of their jewellery that I just couldn’t ignore.

I ordered a pair of their Antiqued Arrow Stud Earrings in gold for a bargain of £13.99. Unfortunately, they have since sold out of these but there are other bargains waiting to be had.

They are about 1.5cm long, so not too big but easy enough to see and plated in 14kt gold. I love how they have a rustic feel to them and look slightly vintage.

There is also a matching ring that I have been eyeing up for aaaaages but I can never remember my ring size. I also like to try before I buy when it comes to rings – you never know how it’s going to feel.

If you can resist spending too much I suggest you check out the website, their code expires tonight – Link here.


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