Learning From Mum

I love cooking, it’s both creative and a bit scientific. The whole experience is great – adding the ingredients, taste testing, experimenting with different flavours, taste testing, the anticipation of what your creation will look like, and of course the final tasting. A lot of people are scared of cooking, of getting the timing wrong or poisoning someone. It really is no biggy if it goes wrong, practice makes perfect.

My passion for cooking definitely stems from my Mum, what with my Dad being one of those people who fear cooking. My mum is a great cook, especially with homely foods such as pies, crumbles, roasts and cakes. We have pictures and videos of my sister and I stood on chairs up against the kitchen units with our aprons on, helping mum make numerous delights including mince pies.

At both University and when we were in our flat, I would text Mum for some of her staple recipes that just don’t exist online. For example Bread and Butter pudding, Pancakes, Tea Loaf and Peppercorn sauce – the ones online and in cookery books just don’t cut it. I decided to purchase my own Recipe Journal, so I could make a note (one that wouldn’t get lost) of them, so I could keep them forever.

I bought this cute little thing from Paperchase. You can find it here.

It has little pocket sleeves which I am going to slot any cut out recipes into.

It has headings for the name of the recipe, timings, ingredients and instructions to go on the back.

There are also smaller cards to write recipes on, which slot into the plastic wallet pockets.

It also comes with stickers to place along the side to arrange into Starters, Mains, Desserts etc which is quite handy.

I imagine I will be using this book more than any of my other celebrity cookbooks. For other fellow bakers, don’t forget the final of The Great British Bake Off is on tonight! I cannot wait, although there will be a gap to fill when it’s all over.


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