Spendings of a Daydreamer

Last week I received my new Urban Outfitters bargain. It came in the shape of a pretty purple and cream flowery rug. It was an absolute steal at £25 that I just couldn’t resist. I thought it would be a lot smaller but it actually manages to take up a lot of my bedroom floor.

This is actually my bedroom at my mum and dad’s house as Alan and I couldn’t find a nice enough flat to live in – we are a tad bit fussy. It’s worked out pretty well, we’ve managed to turn my old bedroom into almost a bedsit and we are saving money – which I’m trying not to spend on clothes…

Mum and Dad also treated us to new flooring as before I had the original wooden flooring that had gaps galore. I lost countless earrings to those gaps. But no more!

The room probably looks better than it ever did when I just had it as a bedroom and it’s perfectly cosy. Plus being around for mum’s cooking every evening is a bonus!


4 thoughts on “Spendings of a Daydreamer

  1. Gorgeous room! :) Nice pics too, you’re got a good eye, should look into being a photographer if you ever get bored of web designing ;) Alternatively, you have great taste, you’d be a great interior designer, there’s lots of money in it! :D Just saying…


    1. Aw thanks Louise :) Either of those professions I’m sure would be great fun, they kind of all go hand-in-hand. One day I’ll get the dream job…Hope you’re ok xx

  2. Omg Stef it looks so different!! It looks twice the size!! Very beautifully done :) obviously great kinds think a like with our rug buying and blog posts ;) xxx

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