Our Flat.

Sorry for the disappearing act as of late, no blogging in two weeks is unacceptable. Things have been a bit manic lately.

The boyfriend and I have to move out of our flat a week Sunday, to cut a long story short Alan was made redundant, we panicked, handed in our notice and then Alan found another job. Now we have to move out.

I love our flat, it has it’s downsides like being a little too close to town so you can hear the beat of the nightclub most nights and the parking is a pain in the bum, but we’ve got used to it. I’ve been on a mission the past couple of weeks trying to find somewhere that won’t cost the earth, but still has the same standards as the flat we’re in now. As we’ve been told, we were spoilt with our flat, it was completely refurbished, well laid out and a very good price.

With only a week left to find somewhere we’ve come to the conclusion we may have to move home for a while. The upside to this is we could both save a bit of money, the downside is not living together for a while. What with Alan’s new job being over 12 hour days, it would be a struggle to see each other.

We took some pictures of the flat a while ago, so I thought I would share them with you.

We have a couple of viewings lined up over the next few days, hopefully we’ll be impressed. Otherwise I’ll be posting pictures of my bedroom at my mum and dad’s house next month.


2 thoughts on “Our Flat.

  1. Sorry to hear about your flat steph but no doubt you and your chap will find somewhere better soon!

    1. Hopefully we will, just got to stop being so fussy, it’s not like we’re buying the places! Thanks Ben, hope you’re well :)

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