Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have been pretty good recently when it comes to purchasing new clothes. Up until last weekend I hadn’t really bought anything since I came back from America. The problem was, Alan and I had nothing to do one day and the only suggestion I could come up with was a trip to Cabot’s Circus in Bristol.

I personally believe this is the best shopping centre within an hour of Cheltenham. My Mum and Dad took me there when it first opened on my 21st Birthday and I haven’t looked back since!

Another reason why I’ve been good is the fact I managed to make over £100 on eBay selling old clothes, so if you think about it, I really need to replace the items I lost…I can imagine the boyfriend and my mum rolling their eyes at this point.

Anyway, I found some real jems in Urban Outfitters, that were reasonably priced and perfect for the Autumn. I also got some bargains from H&M that I was pleased with. Check them out below:

1. Urban Outfitters – £28.00 2. Urban Outfitters – £25.00 3. H&M – £12.99 4. Urban Outfitters – £25.00 5. H&M – £12.99 6. H&M – £14.99

I should probably also mention that Alan’s back balance was hit by these purchases, I try to stop him with an embarrassing fencing match with our bank cards towards the card machine, but the cashiers always let him pay.

I did then treat him to a Gourmet Burger to show my appreciation.

Food in Belly = Happy Boyfriend


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