Cream Tea and Sandwiches in Broadway

On Sunday, my sister Nat and I took a trip to a local village called Broadway for a little wander and a cream tea. It was mainly for the cream tea. I drove, which is always an adventure and arrived just in time to miss the downpour. Nat also made friends with a cat in the Car Park, she kind of regretted it after realising it was a malt-er.

There are several Tea Rooms in Broadway, but we decided on Market Pantry, having been there before, I knew it was a good’un. We were both starving but resisted ordering too much off the menu, what with trying to be good with the cost and our waistlines. The place itself is perfectly idyllic, it has an array of freshly made cakes on a table towards the back and cute little heart decorations everywhere. We sat in the window, which was perfect for people watching, not so great when you have clotted cream down your chin.

We ordered a Egg Mayonaise and Cress sandwich on Wholemeal bread to share and 2 Cream Teas with Green Tea. The sandwich came with a lightly dressed salad and was delicious. We both opted for Fruit Scones, which came warm with a pot of clotted cream and a jar of strawberry jam. We began to struggle towards the end but what with being brought up to never waste food, we polished it all off.

Their website is here.

When we returned to Mum and Dad’s, my sister asked if I would help clean out her wardrobe. She knows I’ll be honest, even if she doesn’t want me to be. One piece I had to definitely question was this:

Not sure what possessed her to buy it, but it had to go.


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