Simple Things 01

Last week I ordered a couple of H&M goodies as they had 10% off and free delivery. I also had a £5 voucher from when they had previously lost my order so I convinced myself it was allowed.

I am already preparing my wardrobe for the Autumn, I’ve had enough of this so-called Summer that I’m ready for Scarfs, Boots and my Winter Coat. I bought myself 2 scarfs and a pair of skinny black jeans. When I was in New York I bought a pair of their Blue skinny jeans, they fit really well and a fraction of the price I would usually pay for jeans so had to get the black pair.

I couldn’t take a picture of the jeans, none of them really did them justice.

You can find the Green scarf here.
You can find the Red scarf here.
You can find the Jeans here.

Friday night consisted of an Indian Take Away box from Tesco. I don’t usually like ready made food but these are pretty good, almost as good as going to an Indian Restaurant but only £6.50. Also watching the Boyfriend play football on Saturday in the rain…then the sun…then more rain. Which also caused a leak in our hallway. Great. We also went to a House Warm Party last night at our friends Emma and Ash’s new pad. My head is hurting this morning.

We had planned to go to a Calvary today but haven’t really got the money for such luxuries. Luckily Mum has invited us over for Dinner, which is better than any pub grub.

Tomorrow, as it’s a bank holiday, we are taking a trip to Cabots for a little window shopping….I’ll let you know if I do happen to spend whatever money I do have.


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