Weekend Update in Pictures.

Sorry for the lack of Blog posts, I haven’t really been up to much this week apart from work.

The weekend made up for what was a mundane week.

Friday was our friend Dawn’s Birthday. She was having a gathering at her house with food and drink. I made a contribution with some homemade vanilla cupcakes and some Pink Fizz. I can’t get enough of Marks and Spencers Pink Fizz, it’s got a low alcohol percentage, I know a downer for some, but it tastes lovely. It was a great night, I had one too many glasses of wine and may have embarrassed Alan slightly. Got to be done sometimes.

After going to see Ted last week, I had a go at doing Mila Kunis style make up. I was hoping it would automatically turn me into her, but alas, it didn’t.

Last night, (Saturday night) I had Amy and Louise come round for a much needed Girls Night. We had silly amounts of food, watched Easy A for a bit of comedy and then Water For Elephants for a bit of dribbling over Mr Pattinson. We also gave ourselves a new set of pretty nails. Louise brought over a new nail varnish from Barry M, when you apply the second coat you hover the top of the lid over the nail and it creates stripes. Very cool.

I’m having a day off from the wine today and going to cook up something healthy after pigging out all weekend. I may have to have a couple of rows of Galaxy chocolate whilst I watch The Hunger Games

My black number is from Topshop
Cream Jumper is from H&M

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Update in Pictures.

  1. Thought the make-up looked especially amazing :) pulled off the Mila Kunis (sp?) Look rather well in my opinion, and those cupcakes look amazing. Sorry about the middle finger :/ it was all in jest of course ^-^ I blame the wine… Xx

    1. Ha the middle finger picture completes the night. Was good fun, we’ve got to get together more often. Thanks, I couldn’t stop studying her make up in Ted! Too good looking that woman! xx

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