Wish List 02

After writing up my first Wish list, I should probably rename them ‘Buy list’ as I managed to buy everything on there bar one!

Nevertheless I am going to persevere and give you a run down of what I keep eyeing up, but should probably hold off from buying. It’ll be a test of my willpower…

What with the English Summer weather being useless as always, I’ve started looking for items that’ll fit the Autumn weather, particularly knitted jumpers.

1. Coral Blazer – I’m not sure if this is a bit out of season now, and whether I would actually wear it but it’s in the sale so it immediately makes me want it more: Topshop £35.00
2. Rib V Jumper – I really want a cream or white jumper, but this price is a little steep for me. Plus I’ll probably end up staining it with bolognese… Boutique for Topshop £50.00
3. Stud Back Boots – I love these little ankle boots, perfect for casual and going out. They’re real leather too so the price isn’t too bad: Topshop £40.00
4. Pointed Lace-up Boots – These are another Topshop jobby, they’re pretty simple so ideal for during the day. The heel is tiny too, which I love, being such a giant: Topshop £36.00
5. Studded Charcoal Sweater – I’m liking the studs at the moment and I can see this jumper going well with my black leather jacket and boots: Glamorous £36.99
6. Knitted Stud Tweed Cardigan – More studs. Even with the studs this cardi looks really cosy: Topshop £42.00
7. Knitted Graduated Jumper – I’m loving the colour on the website, although have to check in store to see how pink it actually is. I really loved the pastel colours in the Summer so hoping to drag this into the Autumn with me: Topshop £36.00

Yes, I am Topshop obsessed. Their clothes fit me really well though so it’s hard to go anywhere else.


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