My Bargains in NYC

You can’t go to America without taking advantage of the exchange rate. That’s my excuse for coming back with a suitcase twice as heavy anyway.

I did treat myself and get treated by my lovely other half on a number of things, but I thought I’d share with you just a couple of my bargains.

I was very lucky one day, on our way to Jersey Shore we managed to take the wrong exit off the Freeway and in the corner of my eye spotted a sign for ‘Kohls’. Being a slight Lauren Conrad fan, I knew that Kohls was the only shop to stock her clothes line. I had to have a look.

There was a small section with her name on it and some of the items were in the sale! I couldn’t leave without purchasing one of my fashion idols piece of clothing. I managed to come away with this two cuties:

You can check out Lauren Conrad’s line here.

A brand I would urge people to buy in New York City would be Pandora, especially if you are coming from the UK. The prices mirror ours, for example I paid $35 for a ring which also costs £35 in the UK, when you consider the exchange rate you are saving almost 50%.

I had to take advantage of this. After much umming and ahhing, I finally chose a silver band ring, which is made up of tiny hearts and a charm of a silver apple with a gold worm going through and an NYC engraving as a reminder of our holiday.

You can view all Pandora goodies here.

I knew another thing to buy in the US that was relatively cheap compared to UK prices, was Make Up. Benefit make up was about a 1/3 cheaper, I wanted to buy it all. Also, MAC make up was at a good price too. They have a small MAC shop in the middle of Times Square, so on one of our shopping days I decided to take a look.

I came out with one of their liquid eyeliners as I had heard it is one of the best. The reviews weren’t wrong. It glides on so well and stays in place, perfect for my permanent liner flicks.

I would definitely recommend it. You can get it online here.


3 thoughts on “My Bargains in NYC

    1. Thank you very much! I’ve been searching for Interior Design inspiration, so your blog couldn’t have come along at a better time :) Steph x

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