Day-By-Day USA Pt 5: Finale.

Day 12: Sunday 15th July 2012

Even though we still had a couple of days left in the States, we only had the car until Monday so we decided to make today our last day in New York.

We had pretty much ticked off everything we wanted to do in New York so this just allowed us to take in the sights without having to rush off to be anywhere.

We started off in Times Square and had a bite to eat in Five Guys. After filling our bellies to the max we decided we had to walk it off, so we made our way up to 5th Ave to do some last minute shopping.

I got myself some geeky souvenirs including some New York mugs, a Tea-towel, and more pressies. We spent most of the day just carelessly walking around the City until it began to get dark and we could see the skyline twinkle for the final time.

Day 13: Monday 16th July 2012

Our 3rd Beach Day. As we knew we would be coming back to rain and low temperatures, we thought we’d make the most of the ridiculously hot weather in New Jersey by revisiting Jersey Shore.

We gave the enormous pizza slices a miss and took a packed lunch with us instead. Always love having a picnic on the beach.

Last time we came the waves were big, this time they were even bigger! Alan and I were in our element. They were so strong in fact, that people weren’t allowed to go very far out. We had already witnessed two people being dragged back in by the lifeguards. (A highlight of my holiday ;))

Alan was on a mission to get a picture of me with a wave above my head, I kept informing him that this would mean me going further into the sea and being in risk of being swamped by a wave. He didn’t seem to care.

He did manage to get some good shots without making me drown myself but missed out the ones where the waves take me down to their level…I can’t deny it was fun though.

Since being home, Alan’s sister informed us of there being two shark spottings on the shore of New Jersey. Pleased we experienced Jersey Shore, as I don’t think we will again!

Later in the evening, after taking the car back to the rental company, we got dropped off in the centre of Westfield. We went to this lovely place for a bite to eat, I had pasta and Alan had Shrimps. The food was gorgeous and perfect for our last night out in New Jersey.

Day 14: Tuesday 17th July 2012

Our last full day in USA :( Our flight for London was at 8am the following day, so we thought Tuesday ought to be pretty chilled out. We got up reasonably early as we had to get to bed at a certain time, knowing we would be waking up at 4am the next morning. We decided to stay in the local area and take a walk to the shops to pick up some treats in the shape of food to take back home. I had already become addicted to the ‘Sour Patch Kids’ selection, so thought I better stock up.

They have so many different makes to choose from, I wanted to take them all. Having already bought a ‘couple’ of clothing items, I knew I probably didn’t have a lot of room left in my suitcase for a truck load of sweets.

Having way too much fun in a supermarket. I did start tucking Alan’s shirt into his trousers at one point, purely for my amusement. One day I’ll grow up.

We spent the rest of the day packing and moving our belongings from suitcase to suitcase, making sure we weren’t over weight. There’s always a dark cloud and a silver lining when returning home. The thought of coming back to miserable weather, work and ermmm how should I put it, ‘Chavy community’ was the dark cloud but coming back to the family and home comforts was my silver lining.

Hope you didn’t mind reading about my trip, I keep looking at pictures now, wishing I was still there. Such an amazing place, I hate flying but I would get on a plane tomorrow and go back if I could.

Anyway, my New York story isn’t over just yet, I’ll being doing a blog post soon about the bargains I found in New York :)


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