Day-By-Day USA Pt4

Day 9: Thursday 12th July 2012

After a day in Washington we decided Thursday couldn’t be too strenuous. We made the most of a lie in and relaxed around the house for the majority of the morning. When it came to 2pm we got our glad-rags on and hit New York City. Most of our time spent in New York was during the day and as it always seemed to shatter us out, we never got to see any of the nightlife. Going into the City late, was the perfect way to make sure we didn’t miss any of it.

We headed straight to Times Square and opted for a meal in Hard Rock Cafe. Having known from the last time I visited NY that this place gets ridiculously busy, we got in early and were seated straight away. When we sat down, our waiter asked if we had any music choices, Alan being Alan said Spice Girls…they didn’t have any, me being me said Maroon 5. I got my request.

The music is pretty loud so it’s hard to actually have a conversation but the walls our covered with posters and memorabilia you kind of get distracted anyway. For food, I opted for grilled chicken, Alan had fish and chips. The food wasn’t the best meal I had on the trip but it was still tasty.

Once we finished, our next stop was at the Empire State Building. I was expecting there to be a queue that would reach the top but luckily we got in at the right time. I was fine about the heights before Alan started to make me nervous, mentioning the lift and how long it went on for…not very helpful! The lift in fact was fine, I thought it would give you that tummy lifting moment, but it started off slow so it didn’t seem to effect me. My ears popped slightly as we reached the final 86th floor.

The views are pretty amazing and there is a buzz coming from the streets that you can just about hear. We got up there around 7pm so we could see the sun setting and watch it fall into night time.

Little windy up there…

We stayed up there a whole 2 hours, on the ground the air is pretty humid however at the top of the Empire State it got quite cold so as soon as we got our snaps, we took the trip back down.

We spent an hour or so wondering around Times Square, it was a nice change to not feel rushed to do anything. It reached about 11pm when we called it a night and got back on the ferry to New Jersey.

Day 10: Friday 13th July 2012

Can’t deny I was slightly nervous about treading on a boat on Friday the 13th, but luckily we made it. The majority of the day we were spending with Alan’s mum in New York. We took her to see Bloomingdales and then enjoyed some pancakes for lunch. We also got some gift shopping done for presents back home before all our money disappeared and sat on the steps in Times Square. It’s amazing just to sit there and watch the world go by, if you enjoy a bit of people watching: it’s perfect!

I want this one, this one aaaaand this one…I did actually get some Pandora bargains that I’ll show you soon.

Now I know I said the Empire State Building was an amazing view but if you want to save yourself $25 then visit this place instead; Liberty State Park. We wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for Alan’s family and I’m not sure many people do. Myself and Alan both agreed the views were probably better from here as you were a lot closer and there aren’t lots of people in your way.

They also have a piece of iron from one of the Twin Towers and a monument with all the names of the New Jersey 9/11 victims on.  The monument has been strategically placed so when you look through it towards New York, that’s where the Twin Towers once stood. Quite surreal really.

Day 11: Saturday 14th July 2012

Der der der, der der der…yeh I’m trying to type out the Rocky theme incase you were wondering, which can only mean one thing: were off to Philadelphia! Alan introduced me to the Rocky films not long after we moved in together and I loved them. I thought they were all boxing this, boxing that but they’re more of a love story between Rocky and Adrian.

We visited the Rocky statue and even after my all American diet, managed to run up the Rocky steps. It’s quite strange that the steps belong to a museum but you know the majority of people are there to repeat Sylvester Stallone’s footsteps.

I had to put the next picture in, purely for the state of my arms…

…they look ridiculous and unnaturally long!

That’s pretty much how I felt too.

Last few days coming up…


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