Day-By-Day USA Pt 3

Day 6: Monday 9th July 2012

Probably one of my favourite days of the trip…Shopping on 5th Ave! Granted I can’t actually afford to shop in most of the shops along 5th Ave yet it’s still fun to look. We started the day like true Americans, with pancakes and maple syrup. I added fruit to mine, Alan added bacon.

They were a necessity for a boost of energy to make sure we covered most of 5th Ave. We started on Lexington Ave, to take a look around Bloomingdales and then across to 5th, starting with FAO Schwarz, which is most famous for housing the ‘Big Piano’ that Tom Hanks plays on in ‘Big’. We went into the Apple Store, which was jammed packed with people, even though it is open 24hours. We then went along, passing all the big designer names like, Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s etc…

I treated myself to some make up in Sephora and also to a couple of Lifeguards outside Hollister ;)

At one point we decided to get in the map and realised we were in close proximity to a lot of well known New York landmarks for example the Rockefeller Center, Flat Iron Building, Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building, New York Public Library, Empire State Building and not forgetting Trump Tower. We veered off course slightly to get a closer look.

Once we reached the Flat Iron Building we stopped to enjoy a much needed break at Shake Shack, before heading home.

Day 7: Tuesday 10th July 2012

Tuesday we made sure not to do a lot as we knew Wednesday was going to be a long day and we had pretty much knackered ourselves out on Monday. In the morning we treated ourselves to a ice cold PinkBerry as we took a walk around Central Park. There were lots of people stretched out trying to catch some rays and kids playing girls baseball. No idea how they could do it in that heat!

We walked all the way down to Times Square before heading home for an early night with some Dunkin Donuts, knowing we had to be up at 5.30am the next day.

Day 8: Wednesday 11th July 2012

Wednesday we planned a trip to Washington DC, check out Obama’s pad and the like. Only issue was, that it happened to be 4 hours away from New Jersey, meaning we would have to be up at ridiculous-o’clock. So the day started with the long drive, Alan doing all the driving whilst I kicked the chair back and fell asleep…We reached our destination, not without a couple of mishaps – mainly involving going into a taxi only road instead of the car park before walking on up to Capitol Hill.

Accidentally we had brought with us our lunch and water bottles, having forgotten you can’t go inside the building with any food or liquids. We had booked a tour to look around Capitol Hill for 11.40am, the time was about 11.30am so we decided to quickly eat up our lunch and go on in. As we sat there, Alan began to read our passes, he then read aloud one part we had forgotten about: ‘You must arrive at least 40 minutes before your tour starts.’ So…after chucking our food down our throats, we realised the tour was a no-go and started on our own tour of Washington.

We had the main monuments we wanted to see including the Whitehouse, the Washington Memorial, World War II Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, The Reflecting Pool, The Pentagon and JFK’s Grave. Everything is pretty much in line with each other, so we just had to forget about the heat and take in our surroundings.

We walked back to the car with an ice cream that actually melted in our hands. Such a tiring day, but chuffed we got to see everything. I would show you a picture of the Pentagon but apparently that’s not allowed.

To be continued…


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