Day-By-Day USA Pt 2

Day 4: Saturday 7th July 2012

On Saturday we took a trip to the New York Aquarium, as Alan’s family had already been, we went on our own but decided to meet the rest of the gang back on the beach – what with it being only next door.

The Aquarium was full with all sorts of animals including otters, walrus, sea lions, penguins, octopus, jellyfish, stingray, giant turtles and Alan’s favourite, sharks. You could go and watch animal performances but we decided our bums may stick to the plastic seats too much so gave it a miss. It was nice to just have a leisurely stroll around the aquarium.

Once we finished geeking out in the aquarium, we made our way to the beach. When on a tourist-y holiday, which includes lots of walking and sightseeing, the beach is very much appreciated. We had some lunch and enjoyed a dip in the ocean, that partly involved Alan’s niece and nephews attacking him which I couldn’t help but find amusing.

As you can tell I was fashioning the burnt shoulder look, goes nicely with the white legs I think…Later that evening, Alan and I enjoyed one of our favs: Thai food. On the night before we left, we very guiltily treated ourselves to a Thai meal, justifying it with the fact you never see Thai food restaurants in America…funnily enough there were in fact two in Westfield, the town we were staying in. Oh well.

We found one called ‘Splash of Thai’ in the centre of Westfield. The food went down a treat! It was delicious, Alan even believed it was nicer than our local Thai places. What did make it nicer was the price, for the two of us the bill came to under $50, equivalent to about £30. Bargain! We had a sharing platter for starters, a Green Curry and a Panang Curry.

Lovely Jubbly.

On the walk home we couldn’t help but nose at the houses, most of them are covered in US flags and done up to perfection. I took a couple of snaps, before anyone came out with a shotgun.

Day 5: Sunday 8th July 2012

Sunday morning we planned a trip to go to the cinema with Alan’s nephews and their dad. It was on my ‘to-do list’ as I just wanted to experience the difference to a UK cinema. On our walk down we passed Madison Square Gardens, Macy’s and could see the Empire State Building just a few blocks away. It was the perfect setting as we were about to watch ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ in an IMAX screen, which as most people know is set in New York City. The cinema itself was huge, it went up about 4 or 5 flights and there were 2 lots of concession stands on various floors.

The only thing that did disappoint me was the fact they don’t stock Sweet Popcorn, the whole morning I was getting excited about gorging on a large bucket of sweet popcorn. But no, they only had salt. One word: Gutted.

Anywho, after the film we met back up with Julie, Alan’s mum and Chloe as we had planned to take the kids off Julie and Glenn’s hands for the afternoon and take them to the American Museum of Natural History.

I was hoping it would look more like it did in the ‘Night at the Museum’ film, but there was a lot of construction going on when we went so that kind of disguised the inside. It was still a fun trip, there is almost too much to see so we struggled to get through all the floors.

When we got home Alan and I went into Westfield for some grub. We went to an original American Restaurant and filled our bellies with some Mac ‘n’ cheese.


To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Day-By-Day USA Pt 2

  1. Cute pictures! Love the jelly fish too, and the houses!!! Making me wanna move to America even more :( :P xx

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