Day-By-Day USA Journal

I thought as I haven’t got a lot of money to get up to anything exciting in the near future, I’d give you my Day-to-Day journal of what we got up to in America.

Day 1: Wednesday 4th July 2012

We had got in to Newark Airport late on the Tuesday morning, well 10 o’clock New Jersey time, 3am UK time so had a cup of tea and went straight to bed. We decided it was an ideal time to visit as we would be able to join in the celebrations of American Independence Day. The morning of the 4th July was a sleepy one, as we tried to adjust to our new sleeping patterns. Alan’s sister, Julie had already arranged to go into New York City to watch the fireworks display over the Hudson River, so we decided to tag along to that too.

We got there reasonably early however the crowd had already started to build. Every 15 minutes or so the crowd would edge forward slightly but not enough to actually notice you were getting closer. This was also mine and Alan’s first day of 90 degree heat, so combine this with 1000’s of people packed along a street we both began to feel a little light headed. It wasn’t long before Alan’s mum began to feel it too, so we made our way back out of the crowds to an area with room to breathe. Luckily on our way out we manage to catch a glimpse of the fireworks through a gap in the buildings.

I must also mention the benefit of staying in New Jersey, we never drove straight into New York, what with the traffic and ridiculous parking fees, we got the ferry from Staten Island. With this came incredible views of the New York skyline, every trip we made we were able to take it all in without worrying about the roads. What was even better was the fact it was free! Can’t complain.

We must have seen this skyline over a dozen times, yet you never tire of it.

Day 2: Thursday 5th July 2012

Thursday was all about getting my GTL on. That’s Gym Tan Laundry, for those who’ve never seen Jersey Shore. Although I wasn’t interested in the Gym and Laundry part, mainly just getting a tan (which was a struggle). Anyway, today was all about relaxing on the beach of Jersey Shore, which was only an hour away from Julie’s house.

As soon as we got there we grabbed ourselves a pizza slice and a coke. The pizza was no slice, but more the size of a whole pizza. It was huge. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

We then took a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk before heading towards the beach.

I tried to look for a beach goer as pale as me, but there was no such thing. I was going to have to put my pasty body on show and hope to not have too many gawkers. We spent the most of our time in the water being pushed and dragged by the waves, acting like kids again. It was great fun.

We’re so sad. After getting way too much enjoyment out of the waves, we decided to give a Jersey Shore favourite a try: Deep fried Oreos. They were pretty good, the batter was just about crispy and the oreo was soft inside. Ingenious idea!

Later that evening we freshened up and decided to go out for a meal with Alan’s Mum to one of the local restaurants known as Chillis. Somehow, I managed to make room for it.

Day 3: Friday 6th July 2012

Friday afternoon had already been prearranged by Julie’s partner, Glenn. He had booked us all in to visit the 9/11 Memorial in NYC for 3pm. Alan and I decided to head to New York a little earlier and take a wonder to Chelsea Market. I had read up on it beforehand and was told there were lots of free food samples, however when we got there we only managed to bagsy a few chunks of cucumber. The market was inside so it was nice to get out of the heat for while and just have a nose round.

It soon became apparent we were in a slightly upscale area of NY, as the clothes people were wearing looked more fashionable and we managed to stumble upon the work place of Whitney Port, when she starred in ‘The City’. For those who watched ‘The City’, you could see the iconic white stairs she used to climb everyday for work through the window. I was in my element. As we continued down towards the 9/11 Memorial we passed through various areas including Soho and Greenwich Village (where they filmed Friends).

On arrival to the 9/11 Memorial you show your pass several times and then go through security. I remember when I came here back in 2007, the site was mainly filled with rubble and cranes, now it looks so clean and pristine. It’s quite a surreal moment when you look at these giant waterfalls that have replaced where the Twin Towers stood.

The freedom towers now dominate the New York Skyline, as the Twin Towers did before. They are covered in reflective glass so are amazing to look at.

We finished off the day with a wonder through Chinatown and Little Italy, watching the sun set around Ms Liberty on the Ferry ride home.

To be continued…


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