Apologies for the hiatus

I’m back! Sorry for the sudden disappearance but the boyfriend and I were on a covert operation. Back in March, Alan’s sister and her family moved out to New Jersey and then in May Alan’s mum went out to visit them. We had been throwing various summer holiday ideas around, mainly in Europe, around this time but hadn’t made any official plans. Pictures of Alan’s sister Julie with her family in her new life across the pond were teasing us daily, so we decided to book our flights and surprise Alan’s mum and sister by showing up on the doorstep!

After much scheming and emailing to Glenn, Julie’s partner, the plan came together and we arrived at their house in New Jersey on 3rd July to 2 shocked adults, 3 tired but surprised children and 1 excited dog.

We had such an amazing time and can’t thank Julie, Glenn and the kids for letting us stay in their home for 2 weeks. Being just a stone’s throw away from New York was incredible but being able to experience what it’s like to actually live in America was fantastic and something you don’t really get a chance to do.

I’ll be posting more about what we got up to, my bargains and some of the places you’ve GOT to eat at!


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