Father’s Day at Hatton Court

Somehow we managed to fit what seemed like a entire weekend of activities into one day. My mum and I had spent the week before scrambling through the internet looking for Pubs and Restaurants that would meet my dad’s standard. We managed to narrow it down to about four that were reasonably local and soon settled for Hatton Court Hotel in the Cotswolds.

The surroundings were beautiful, as we were perched rather high up overlooking parts of Gloucestershire, I’m not going to pretend I knew which part, geography was never my strong point.

The menu was originally a Set Menu of 4 Courses plus an extra gift for Dads, however apparently this was changed last minute. Not something we were particular happy about as this was one of the reason we chose this venue. Aaaanyway, we were given a different Set Menu of 3 Courses which delivered me some tough decisions. The food sounded amazing, luckily enough we all went for different options, which essentially means we each get to try all the starters. Yes!

I had the Carrot and Orange soup, Mum had the Confit Chicken (it had something else, but I can’t quite remember) my brother, Rob had the Risotto and both Dad and Alan had the Salmon. All dishes were scrumptious, I was a bit reluctant to share more than one mouthful…Our mains were your traditional roast, with a choice of meat. Myself, Dad and Alan went for the pork, Mum and Rob opted for the beef. The pork dish was amazing, the vegetables were so fresh and cooked to perfection. The potatoes were infused with rosemary, I’m almost dribbling reminiscing about it.

At this point I was completely stuffed and the thought of taking another mouthful was out of the question. Until I saw the desserts. Not going to lie, I had already spotted some desserts coming out of the kitchen and had already got dibs on one in particular. The Pistachio Cheesecake with Coffee Chantilly Cream. It was so light, I didn’t even notice the calories attaching to my hips. I don’t usually like coffee but the chantilly cream was the perfect accompaniment. It was that good in fact, that I didn’t even remember to take a picture.

After the meal I was quite relieved to get home and undo the zip on my dress, it definitely wasn’t ideal for over indulging. Later that evening we went to meet some of my parents friends at The Royal Oak pub in Charlton Kings to take on a Pub Quiz. I love Pub Quizzes, even though I am awful at them and always get the urge to Google most of the answers. With this quiz, we did not google, however we did come last. Lesson learnt there! The pub also put on some complimentary sandwiches and chips. Now that I was out of my restricting dress and couldn’t resist the offer of free food.

It was a lovely day, filled to the max. I was certainly ready for bed by the end of it. Oh and to top things off, even though it was Father’s Day, I received a surprise gift from Alan. Check it:

I got married!!! According to this T-Shirt anyway. It was a great surprise as I had spotted it online a while ago, I love it. You can’t deny Steph Bauer has a certain ring to it… ;)


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day at Hatton Court

  1. Thanks steph is was a lovely day, I think we should share this link with Hatton Court perhaps …… what do you think?

  2. Aww, this is my favourite so far. Hope your dad had a good day! Love the pics and the Jack Bauer top, haha! Xx

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