Wish List 01

 Dress - Asos
 Moisturiser - Liz Earle Skin Repair
 Earrings - Kukee
 Watch - Michael Kors
 Top - Topshop Peplum Top

I have such a craving at the moment for going out and spending money. Money I don’t actually have. Then again if I am going away, there are always some essentials that are a must. I have been eyeing up the Dress and Peplum Top for the past couple of days and wondering if they would suit me. The dress is quite long in length, but then again ideal for sightseeing and the top is all the rage at the moment and the style is supposed to be very flattering. I’m just trying to justify buying them as you can probably tell.

I really need a good moisturiser that works with sensitive, combination skin. The range of Liz Earle has some great reviews so this one may have to be a must.

I only recently discovered the Kukee site. It has some really nice jewellery at a bargain price and delivery isn’t too bad either. My Michael Kors watch may have to wait a while, I’ve been watching several on eBay but the price just gets that little too high. Perhaps I’ll add it to the Christmas List later on in the year.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, my brother and I are taking the old man to a Country Pub tomorrow for Father’s Day, I’ll try to remember to take pics!


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