The Healthy Alternative to a Cuppa

I have made lots of lifestyle changes in the past to try and lose weight. The only one I have actually stuck to is swapping a cup of PG Tips for Green Tea. You may be shaking your head, thinking ‘Yuck’ or ‘Nah, doesn’t work’ but I feel I may be living proof it does. Big statement, I know!

I was a solid tea drinker from an early age, my mum even put it in my bottle as a child so you can imagine the idea of giving it up was unthinkable.

During University I put on a noticeable amount of weight, the distance between Halls and the Campus was just a stones throw away so I no longer got the exercise I had at home when walking to School. Also, the fact I was now in charge of my eating habits, I was allowing myself one too many biscuits and sweet treats. I started Uni a size 12, which slowly crept up to a size 16 by the end of my Second Year.

That’s me on the left hand side, first week of Uni.

And this is exactly 2 years after. I know it could be a lot worse, but I’m still embarrassed by it and don’t think I actually realised how big I was.

During my third year of Uni I started going to the gym, watching what I ate and as I no longer lived close to Campus, I made myself walk to Uni. It was a pretty long walk too, I didn’t look so attractive in the Summer months hauling in like a sweaty betty. My housemates and I even got up at 6am for an early morning jog some days. That was painful.

Woohoo Gyming works! Eventually I started to lose some weight and this was me (and my friend Kay) in our final year at Uni.

When I decided to move out with my boyfriend, I wasn’t really worried about the big commitment we were making or the fact we might hate each other eventually, I should add this hasn’t happened yet, but the fact that I would no longer have a long walk into work (as we were moving in around the corner) so would lose my daily exercise and I would end up eating more, joining the biscuit band-wagon again.

Thankfully this has not happened and I believe it may be down to my choice of drinks. That being Green Tea. I drink the stuff religiously, at least 4 large cups a day. I eat as much as I used to before I moved out and don’t do as much exercise. I can’t see another explanation?

The main benefit for me is it increases my metabolism rate and stops me from feeling bloated. There are other benefits too (some maybe debatable):

  • Diabetes – Helping regulate Glucose levels
  • Heart Disease – Protects against formation of clots
  • Lowers your risk of Cancer
  • Cholesterol – Improves the ratio of good vs bad
  • Delay of risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Tooth Decay – Can destroy the bacteria and viruses that cause it
  • Blood Pressure – Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Depression – Has a relaxing effect
  • Skin Benefits – Decrease signs of ageing and help against sun damage
You may be put off by the taste, but once you get used to it, it tastes just as normal as everyday Tea. You can even dunk biscuits in it, I’ve tried. Also don’t be put off by it’s colour, we all know what it looks like. It may not work for everyone, but I thought I’d share with you the benefits it has had on me.

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