Diamond Jubilee Festivities.

Jubilee weekend was pretty hectic. Mum had organised a party for family and friends on the Sunday, so Saturday became ‘go round and help mum prepare’. My sister and I were in charge of the dessert area, including cupcakes and jelly pots. Dad was in charge of bunting, marquees and placing pictures of the Queen around the house…

My Patriotic Nails.

Prepared for the downpour. Food preparations continued into Sunday and soon enough we were ready to Partaaaay!

Mmm Mum’s Gammon and Pork is dribble-worthy. Once people started arriving the drinks began flowing, the rain continued to pour but no one let it dampen their spirits.

I believe the party was a success and we still have food remaining. I’m being very helpful and decreasing the number of cakes we have left…I know, I’m too kind. Even though the weather was pretty awful, everyone had a good time and the party continued on until early hours of the morning. The parents are too hardcore for me, I was in bed by midnight!

Happy Golden Jubilee Liz.


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