Shopping and Eating

My two favourite things.

After a hectic Jubilee Weekend, the weather still wasn’t acting like Summer. I’d spent the Bank Holiday Monday sitting on the couch all day watching TV and singing along to the songs on the Jubilee Concert. I also found out this evening that Cheryl Cole definitely cannot sing and that I would love to see Elton John live. I’ll add it to the Bucket List.

Having not been in contact with the outside world all of the Monday, the boyfriend and (mainly) I decided to take a trip to Cabots Circus to do some window shopping. It was either that or swimming. Swimming soon became a no-no when we realised there were no nice pools in Cheltenham.

Anyway, my window shopping soon turned into just plain old shopping. Isn’t it always the way that when you do have money you can’t find anything you like, however when you don’t have money… Needless to say I came away with two pretty tops from Zara, one was a blue 3/4 sleeve jumper with a hole in the back and the other was a stripy Navy and White Tee. Both complete bargains. I should probably add that my lovely boyfriend ended up paying for them, not without a struggle at the till point. The boy is too generous.

The Jumper is no longer on the website, but was only £15.95 and the T-shirt taken from Zara’s website is here

After I’d ‘window shopped’ everywhere, we stopped for a bite to eat at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I’ve only been here once before, but couldn’t remember the food being soooo good! The Burgers are done to perfection and all the ingredients are so fresh. Alan went for the ‘Taxidriver’ burger, which was filled with American Cheese and a crispy Onion ring. Me, being me went for the hottest burger on offer, the ‘Habanero’. It was seriously hot, the bottom of my mouth started to ache after the first half. I’m not sure if it was the burger alone, or the fact that I added extra Chilli and Tabasco sauce to it. Should have probably tried it first before I got cocky.

My camera and Alan’s phone decided to die on us so I only got a picture of Alan going in for the Monkey nuts. The image beneath is not mine but an example of the epic-ness of Gourmet’s Burgers.

For those who haven’t tried GBK, I definitely recommend it.


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