Getting Messy

The rest of May and pretty much all of June are going to have to be really quiet for myself and the boyfriend. We’re trying to not spend a lot of money, so our evenings mainly consist of eating dinner and watching TV.

This evening was a perfect example.

Tonight I made some ‘really quite lovely’ (as quoted from my other half) chicken fajitas. Along with shredded lettuce, cucumber, spring onion and kale to chuck in the tortillas. I’ve never tried kale before but have read how good it is for you and how it rapidly increases your metabolism. It’s now a new fave.


I love creating a little parcel of food, with all those different textures to bite in to. It can get messy though, so not ideal for say a First Date…


On Sunday my mum is throwing a Jubilee Garden Party for friends and family, I thought a great addition would be scones (along with clotted cream). So this evening I made some, as trial run through of course. I have yet to taste them as I am waiting for Alan to have got 24 ready on the TV and a cup of tea in front of me…


Hope you’re having a nice Tuesday Evening.


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