Sunny Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend definitely lived up to the name of my blog. A perfect weekend away, reuniting with an old friend, sunshine, amazing food and the seaside, all on a low budget. However, the Saturday turned out slightly more expensive than expected. My partner and I were on our way to visit my sister from another mister, Lauren and her boyfriend, Nikki. We hadn’t seen each other since we finished University 2 years ago so it was almost a reunion. Living on opposite sides of the Country, me in Cheltenham and Lauren in Minster (Kent), it’s not so easy to meet up. I had been excited all week, so we left early Saturday morning, got in the car only to have a slight delay half way down…

To cut a long, quite depressing story short, my car broke whereby my front exhaust decided to come loose. Luckily we stopped at a Petrol Station that had an MOT Garage adjacent so we were able to get it fixed at an (unfortunate) price. About an hour later we were on the road again, listening to some Abba and Kirsty MacColl Classics.

Apart from that minor (major for the wallet) hick up, we had a lovely weekend. Saturday was spent on Broadstairs Beach picking away at a picnic Lauren had prepared for us and burying my feet in the sand. When I spent my University years here, I don’t think I took full advantage of the surroundings I was in.

Broadstairs is a charming town with traditional Pubs and Restaurants all along the seafront. The sandy beach is the main attraction for me but there are also a variety of shops along the High Street. Before University I actually visited Broadstairs on holiday with my family about 18 years ago. If you are in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Later on in the evening we took a trip to Whitsable, where I was informed by Lauren is popular with Londoners. However the locals are not so keen on their visitors, where a lot of them follow the No DFL moto. Which apparently stands for No ‘Down from Londoners’. Quite amusing really. We went to a pub called The Neptune along the seafront, had a couple of drinks and watched the sun go down. The afternoon events completely shadowed my car fiasco and turned out to be a beautiful day.

On Sunday we took a visit to Grove Ferry, sat by the River and had a drink before enjoying a BBQ at Lauren and Nikki’s house. Lauren pulled out all the stops and put on a whole spread, big enough to feed the 5000. My idea of heaven. We ate until we were bursting at the seams.

We finally gathered up our things and made our way home at about 3pm for the long drive back. We both had a lovely weekend, our hosts were amazing and it was great to see them. We now have the added pressure of recreating this weekend when they come to visit Cheltenham. I think we’re already at a disadvantage as we have no coast but just fields and Cotswold Stone.

For anyone interested I’m wearing T-shirt from Topshop, Shorts from Primark, Shoes are Sugerga and Necklaces are Dogeared.


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