Here comes the Summer Sun.

These days you don’t even have to look outside to know it’s sunny as everyone starts raving about it on Social Networking sites. To be fair, it is a rarity in this country so I guess it should be raved about.

Sadly I’m stuck in the office watching people walk by in their shorts and tank tops making the most of it. However, instead of my usual lunch break at home, I decided to nab the boyfriend on his lunch break and take a boots meal deal (very glamourous, I know) to Cheltenham’s infamous Beer Gardens to soak up some sun.

Yes, the Galaxy Ripple is mine. I tried to resist but failed miserably.

After sitting on the grass and realising my derriere was slightly damp now, we moved over to sit by the fountain as it was slightly cooler. My pale skin can’t take too much heat.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine. I’ve just got a text from Mum offering to do a BBQ, no doubt I will do a post about that later!


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