Cream Teas and Wine.

Not at the same time, may I add. I prefer a Green Tea with my scone.

Considering I have little money this month, (due to owning a car…) I had quite a packed weekend. My mum had an operation on her foot nearly 2 weeks ago so on Saturday I took her out to lunch at Evesham Country Park. We enjoyed a Caramelized Onion and Goats Cheese tart avec Salad and then my ultimate favourite, a Cream Tea. The layer of Clotted Cream was almost double the size of the scone. I just can’t resist the stuff.


Once we could move ourselves from the table, we continued to have a look round the Garden Centre and the Farm Shop, where my mum very kindly bought me some Mexicana cheese, which had chunks of chilli in.

Later that evening, my best friend, Emma and I were being ditched by our partners for football, a regular occurrence. She came round with a bottle of wine, I cracked open the nibbles and we spent the evening discussing Wedding Plans (hers not mine) and the usually girlie gossip. We also amused ourselves using Photo Booth and took some rather fetching photos…

What an attractive pair.

Emma is actually a looker. I’ve been blessed with too many pretty friends, a thorn between a lot of roses.

Emma’s slightly gutted she hasn’t changed much since she was younger. I told her it was a good thing. She has and always will look like one of the Olsen twins.


One thought on “Cream Teas and Wine.

  1. Yeah, if the Olsen twins had massive noses! :o) I’ll just say it’s the angle and leave it at that. Was a great night. Looking forward to our Olympic rendez-vous!

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