Passing the Time with a Little Baking.

My working week rarely consists of anything exciting. Tonight was a fine example.

After having cooked us up a Thai Green Curry and eaten it all before 7pm, the rest of the evening needed filling. I therefore went on a baking mission and produced a Banana Loaf and some Milk Chocolate Fudge Cookies.

It’s fair to say the cookies didn’t come out in the correct shape as I tried to squeeze them all onto one baking tray, instead of being your traditional round shape, they are now more square…they’ll be all the rage soon. They are not the healthiest of cookies, I’m guessing that’s what makes them incredibly more-ish. You can find the recipe in Lorraine Pascales book Home Cooking Made Easy.

The Banana Loaf, which can be found here, came out really well and is pretty kind to the waistline.

Myself and the other half then sat down to watch The Damned United along with tea and baked goods. Both went down really well, the film included. I now have a slight crush on Michael Sheen.

The only downside to baking two things is I feel the need to have a bit of both each time. Purely so they don’t dry out and go to waste of course.


2 thoughts on “Passing the Time with a Little Baking.

    1. I know! Such a doofus. I was telling Alan about the post this evening and he was like ‘it’s Michael Sheen…’ My bad. Gonna change it.

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