Make Up Must Have.

Sometimes the thought of doing my make up every morning bores me to tears, but unlike some I can’t leave the house without it. Trust me if I did, people would run away.

I don’t usually wear that much, usually blusher, mascara, eyeliner and most importantly foundation.

Due to an hereditary hand-me-down from my Nan, I have really thin skin. This also makes it ridiculously sensitive, (so far I’m allergic to Bodyshop, BareMinerals and the napkins in Zizzi…) and I tend to break out easily, especially if I eat rubbish. Even after a shower my face is upset with me. Overall without make up my face is red and blotchy. Nice.

I have tried most foundations but none have been successful in applying full coverage all day. However, after a trip to Cheltenham’s Sk:n Clinic over a year ago (as requested by my mother) I have found a life saver.

Sk:n’s Lycogel Foundation is the best foundation I have used. It completely evens out my complexion and stays put all day without drying out my skin or making it oily (I have combination skin). I can’t fault it. The price may be a bit steep at £55, but the results are worth the price.

Lycogel Foundation

If you are looking to buy a new foundation and willing to spend that little extra, I can’t recommend this enough.


5 thoughts on “Make Up Must Have.

  1. I got me some, perfect match for my stupidly pale face! I’ve even slept with it on and its still there in the morning, perhaps a bit gross…

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