I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells

This weekend started extra early on Friday as work had a ‘social event’ on so we all finished at 3pm. I unfortunately couldn’t make it, but I wasn’t too disappointed as Alan and I were off to Birmingham to see Miranda Hart’s stand up show. I love the woman, I feel I can sometimes relate to her awkward, immature and tall self. I love her show (aptly named) Miranda and really enjoyed her book.


Her ‘What I Call Live Show’ did not disappoint either. Alan and I were laughing throughout, and could relate to the funny situations she gets herself into.

On Saturday, my sister and I went to my new favourite joint, Boston Tea Party for some lunch and to talk Weddings. My friend Erin has managed to find some amazing dresses and accessories for the Bridesmaids where I have failed to find anything! So we found a seat (it’s still crazy busy in that place), ordered some food and geeked out on our iPads.

DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0052

For drinks I went for a refreshing Raspberry and Mango smoothie which went down a treat and Nat had a Latte. For food we went for a selection of sides including Tortilla chips, Courgette fritters and a side salad. It was surprisingly filling!

DSC_0054 DSC_0055 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0059

We didn’t manage to come to any final decisions on Bridesmaid dresses but did plenty of cooing and awwing over pretty items. Not so productive but a lovely lunch spent with the sis.


We eventually had to move our bums about 10 minutes up the road to meet Dad having booked tickets to one of the talks at the Cheltenham Design Festival. It has been running for three years now and being on the doorstep, I thought it was about time I took advantage.



DSC_0070 DSC_0071

The talk was called ‘B for Bauhaus’ by the Director of the Design Museum in London. He took each letter of the alphabet and related it to something he believed to have had an impact on Design through the ages.

DSC_0062 DSC_0064 DSC_0065 DSC_0067

In the evening, Nat and I carried on keeping busy and rustled up some delights in the kitchen. To accompany dinner, I recreated a recipe I recently read on The Londoner – her mum’s low carb grain free bread. It’s incredibly simple to make and pretty good for you too.

DSC_0073 DSC_0074 DSC_0085

You can find the recipe here.

I also did some homemade guacamole, which is also easy and just involves chucking ingredients into a bowl and mixing together. I really hate coriander so replaced that with basil, which seemed to be a winner with the fam.

DSC_0075 DSC_0083

Nat made the slightly naughty dessert of Creme egg brownies, which I have yet to try but have been informed by Alan are delicious. Perfect balance of healthy food and a little treat…

photo (1)

Sunday involved an appointment at the church we’re getting married in, approving of wedding suits Alan can wear, a delicious meal made by mumma and a trip to the gym. With under a year to go to our big day we are finally using our gym membership!

Hope you all had a good weekend x

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Mother’s Day in Stow-on-the-wold

Happy belated Mother’s Day! My mum undeniably deserves to be spoilt on Mother’s Day, so that is what myself, my brother and sister hopefully accomplished on Sunday.

To keep up with tradition, Mum didn’t really want any gifts so we opted for flowers, chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, Balmain Extatic perfume and a photo frame full of our delightful mugs. We displayed this on the kitchen table, along with breakfast and a cup of lemon and ginger tea. Excuse the poor photo quality below.


My sister and I did the prep in the morning, whilst my brother tried sleeping off a hangover – he somehow managed to resurface by the time we were going out for lunch. How convenient. We opted for a restaurant in the centre of Stow-on-the-wold, as we wanted something out of town so where better than where Mum grew up!


DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0006

We sat down for some drinks and looked over the menu, comparing what each of us were having before being led into the dining room.

DSC_0010 DSC_0012 DSC_0013

Not long after we’d sat down our starters arrived. Four of us had opted for the parsnip and honey soup, whereas Dad went for the smoked salmon.


For the mains my Dad and brother went for pork roast, my Mum and sister went for the roast beef and I had the baked salmon.

DSC_0019 DSC_0020

DSC_0016 DSC_0021

Both my brother and sister were not all that impressed with what was served up to them, however I had no complaints and Mum and Dad seemed relatively happy. I didn’t completely agree on the adding of a £15 tip to the bill, especially when there were only five of us.

Instead of opting for dessert we decided to go for a wonder round Stow whilst the sun was still shining and walk off our food. There are plenty of one-off shops and a handle of charity shops to keep Mum happy. I even found some wedding goodies in a fake flower shop. One of them was our flower girl’s basket and the other was a pair of ducks. Yes, you read that right, I bought a couple of ducks to go on one of the tables at our wedding. It’ll work, trust me…

DSC_0025 DSC_0028 DSC_0036 DSC_0038 DSC_0041 DSC_0042

As we’d skipped dessert, we took a trip to the local sweet shop and my Mum, Dad and brother treated themselves to an ice cream before we headed home.

DSC_0030 DSC_0032 DSC_0035

I returned home to an unhappy fiancé, due to his beloved Tottenham forgetting how to play football on Sunday night, and introduced him to two new wedding guests in the form of ducks. He almost quaked a smile…

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Boston Tea Party comes to Cheltenham

Sooo a few weeks ago my friend Kay, who also owns a beautiful blog over at Mummy B, spotted a Tweet that may have been of interest to me. A well known café was opening up in Cheltenham and looking for food and lifestyle bloggers in the area, queue me jumping up and down with my two gangling arms waving in the air shouting ‘pick me!’ – thankfully all communications were done over the internet…

The café in question was Boston Tea Party. I was put in contact with the lovely Mel, who I learnt was an avid Spurs fan, along with the rest of her family – (I couldn’t help but wind Alan up that I was shocked there were more than one of him). Mel informed me they were having a launch party on the Friday before they opened and I was lucky enough to be invited along.

This was the first time I’d been to anything where I was representing my blog and was a little nervous about what to expect and more importantly what to wear! Luckily I was going with a fellow blogger Kate from Day-to-daydreamer so the nerves subsided and turn to excitement once we had arrived.



Boston Tea Party started in Bristol and now has five cafés there! Cheltenham is in need of more independent cafés like Boston Tea Party that promote using the best ingredients, that are ethically sourced and bundled together to make some top nosh food. Kate and I were on hand throughout the evening to get a first hand try of what they had to offer.




The canapés went down a treat not just with us but with all those who attended the launch party. There is a great atmosphere once you step through the door, it’s welcoming and gives off that chilled-out vibe. It’s very spacious with a rustic feel, along with worn down tables and candles in jam jars. I loved it.

DSC_1454 DSC_1456 DSC_1457 DSC_1464 DSC_1468 DSC_1470

We stayed far later than we were supposed to and met some lovely people, both fellow guests and staff. It’s a great addition to Cheltenham and I would highly recommend paying them a visit if you love good food and a warm welcome.

No need to wait much longer, they’re opening tomorrow (Monday 24th March) over on Clarence Street, just along from Cheltenham Library and Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.

See you there!

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Wedding decorations

I’ve just finished reading a book my mum bought me when I got engaged, it’s called ‘The modern girl’s guide to getting hitched’. The book takes you from dealing with never being able to pull men again right up to the big day and speaks honestly about all things weddings. What I didn’t agree with was how once planning gets rolling, your life becomes your wedding and when once it’s over you’ll wonder what you talked about before. However, since finding and booking our venue, I haven’t stopped thinking, dreaming, talking about our nuptials. I have become that person. I would say I’m going to try and change, but I’m not sure I can – so I can only apologise to those who have to listen. To be honest, you don’t even have to listen.

So my wedding. Sorry, I should have mentioned if I’m not talking about it I’ll be blogging about it. But not too much, don’t want to give too much away!

About 2 months ago I asked my mum to not recycle any jam jars and keep them so I could use them as wedding decorations. Within a couple of weeks we had collected plenty, who knew we went through so many jars of food?! I then went along to some local craft stores and picked up some lace, string and double sided tape.


Alan did the boring job of soaking the jars in hot water and removing the sticky labels. Some were a little harder than others, but the general technique is to leave them in hot soapy water for 10 minutes and fingers crossed, the label comes off in one.


Once we had a collection of shiny jars I got to work on attaching a ring of double sided tape and then using different pieces of string and lace to create various designs.


I’m hoping these will look even prettier with candles in the middle, placed on all the tables at our wedding. I plan on doing a lot of crafty wedding things myself – including our invites, to help keep costs down. If anyone knows of any other money saving wedding ideas – please let me know!

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Weddings, weddings, weddings

My life now revolves around them. For the past couple of months I’ve been occupying my weekends by traipsing round various Gloucestershire Wedding venues, the family have been coming along for the ride too.


We’ve looked at Barns, Manor houses, Castles and they either come up too expensive or they’re not what we are after. We’ve been quoted all sorts of prices from £7000 to £15,000, the latter was expected but you are still lost for words.

We did eventually fall for one particular venue, even cutting our list down and moving dates around to make sure we could afford it. We’d chosen the Thursday before Good Friday, that way we could get a Monday to Thursday price and most our guests would have the Friday off – however the venue got back to us and said this would be charged at a Saturday rate, which would have added an extra £3000 to our total. So disheartening and almost greedy of the venue that we’ve been put off.

We are now back to the drawing board. I don’t know if I’m being completely fussy but I have this image in my head of our wedding and I’m just waiting for the right venue to come along to contain it.

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I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award

Twice in fact, which is a little overwhelming. I love blogging, but have been a little lapse recently so it’s lovely to know my blog has not been forgotten.

I love having this little piece on the internet where I can talk about my interests and day-to-day activities without clogging up friend’s news feeds on social network sites. I aim to blog more over the coming weeks as Alan and I have some trips planned, I’ve been invited to the opening of a new cafe in Cheltenham (very exciting) and I’m doing a photography course so I will be sharing what I learn with you guys. Lots of good stuff.

I was very kindly nominated for this award by Kate over at Daytodaydreamer and Kenresa over at The Musing of a Twenty Something, apparently the rules have changed slightly over the years however I’m going with Kate and Kenresa’s method, mainly as not to confuse myself too much! The nomination works by answering the 11 questions from your nominator, making sure to link back to their blog, then nominating a further 11 bloggers and asking 11 new questions. As both nominations came in around the same time, I won’t answer all 22 but the first 6 from Kate and the final 5 from Kenresa.

1. What is your dream holiday destination?
Japan – I’ve heard they have the weirdest things in vending machines. That’s not the only reason.

2. If you could click your fingers and be anywhere in the world, where would you be?
Los Angeles would be nice. Maybe sipping green tea with Lauren Conrad as I’m there..

3. Lipgloss, lipstick or lip-balm?

4. What is your favourite hairstyle for everyday?
Straight and down. That’s how it is naturally so it’s easy.

5. It is a warm, sunny day and money is no object, what would you do?
Hire out some large manor house, with a huge garden and pool, eat loads of good food and then toast marshmallows in the evening.

6. What is your favourite way to relax?
It’s a soppy one – cuddling up on the sofa with the boyfriend and a blanket watching a good film.

7. What has been your best live concert experience?
I’ve only been to 2 in my life. Maroon 5 were pretty good and Adam Levine is gorgeous so that helps.

8. If you could go to any city in the world, where would you go?
I really want to go to Krakow. If Alan and I have any money left at the end of the year, it’s happening!

9. What is your favourite beauty product?
Probably my eyeliner, I need my black flicks.

10. What’s your favourite wardrobe staple?
My cream lace dress from FCUK. It’s so pretty and I can’t ever see it looking dated.

11. Favourite childhood film/TV programme?
Beauty and the Beast. I so wanted to be Belle.

That’s me. Now here is who I would like to nominate:
The Musing of a Twenty Something
Mummy B
A Slice of my Life
milk bubble tea
Rachel Phipps
The Sunday Girl

Slightly under 11, I need to explore more blogs!

My questions for you are:

1. If you could have any skill, what would it be?
2. What food do you wish you could eat all day, without the calories?
3. If you could have been brought up in any other country, what would it be?
4. Sunny strolls or cosy winters?
5. Do you prefer to receive emails or postcards?
6. What is your least favourite form of transport?
7. Little Black Dress or Little White Dress?
8. For or against Valentine’s Day?
9. If you could talk to animals, what would you say?
10. Is it all about the starter, main or dessert?
11. Which couldn’t you live without, Films, Music or Books?

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Slightly delayed Birthday post


When I say slightly, I actually mean very. My 25th birthday was on the 26th January, so lets just say the delay is down to old age…

This post will be in similar vein to my previous one when I took Alan to London for his birthday, as, you guessed it, he took me to London for mine. We’re both not entirely sure why we went a little OTT on each other this time around – next birthdays will most definitely be a meal out somewhere local, what with saving for a house and wedding at the moment! Life gets so expensive as you get older – why, as children, do we always want to grow up?!

Anywho, back to the task in hand – Birthday Surprises! Alan isn’t always the best at keeping surprises from me, he’ll usually make hints or ask me questions, just to make sure I’ll like something. Plus, I don’t particularly like surprises as I’m an awful liar so if I don’t like something I can’t hide the fact. Awkward. Nevertheless, he did me proud and for surprise No 1 he had booked us tickets to have a peak inside Buckingham Palace and wonder around the State Rooms.

P1000447 P1000448 P1000449

The tour was amazing and really interesting, when I got home I was reeling off all the facts to my parents or anyone who would listen! We went through several rooms, hearing about the many French pieces previous Kings had collected during their reign and even learnt that there is a swimming pool located in the Palace. Who knew! After the tour had finished we were taken back round to the grand entrance, which you often see the Royal family walking into on television, where we had a glass of champagne (and Alan and I also pretended we were royalty).


Unfortunately, but understandably you are not allowed to take any photographs, but I would definitely recommend a visit.

Surprise No 2 was a night rubbing shoulders with celebs, at Heston Blumenthals restaurant, Dinner. The food was incredible – we both preferred it to the food we ate at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze in November. When we arrived we had our coats stored away and were led into the bar, where we ordered some drinks and were given some nibbles (on the house I might add) whilst we waited for our table. Apparently you have a 2 hour seating with your reservation, however we stayed longer than this and were not made to feel rushed at all. When we were ready, we were led to our table and were lucky enough to be sat in front of the kitchen, where we could see the madness take place. Having said that, it was a surprisingly calm organised kitchen.



Soon enough a waiter appeared to ask if we had any questions regarding the menu. Obviously the fancy words went straight over my head so we had to do a little enquiring. He also told us the origin of the recipes, how they have reinvented and modernised century old recipes for this menu. After our little history lesson we ordered our food, some wine and took in our surroundings.

P1000470 P1000471 P1000467

P1000468 P1000482

It wasn’t long before our starters arrived. I had ordered chicken oysters and Alan went for the pâté. Both arrived beautifully presented, Alan’s pâté was even encased in a orange shaped jelly. My chicken oysters were lovely, however I didn’t realise the sauce was made with horseradish – which kind of ruined it for me. Alan’s pâté was heavenly, really creamy - he’d picked the winner starter.

P1000474 P1000473

For our mains we both went for the Filet Steak with mushroom ketchup. It was heavenly. Even thinking about it now, a month after, my mouth is watering.. It came with Heston’s infamous triple-cooked chips and we added some green beans to complete the meal.

P1000477 P1000478


We were well and truly full by the end of our mains but we’d already ordered our dessert as it needed 40 minutes to cook. Luckily we decided to share the Tipsy cake – which is apparently a winner at Heston’s and we weren’t disappointed. It’s almost like a hot pastry with melted white chocolate at the bottom and a slice of pineapple on the side, that’s been soaked in a sweet sauce for 8 hours. I’m not describing it well, but it was amazing. You are also given a free chocolate treat at the end of your meal. Added bonus.

P1000481 P1000485 P1000486

To top off the day, half way through the meal we realised we were sat next to a celeb – Adam Garcia, the main guy in Coyote Ugly and as we were leaving we saw David Emmanuel propped up against the bar.

Oh how the other half live.

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Birthday Celebrations

Last weekend was Alan’s Birthday and for some reason I decided to spend a small fortune on it.

I already planned the one present months and months ago, which was a trip to his football team’s (Tottenham) home ground, White Hart Lane. I then thought instead of just driving up there for an hour and a half, we might as well stay in London for the night. With that in mind, I started to think of other things to fill the time and eventually came up with a trip to the Icebar and a meal at Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Maze. I wanted to get Ramsay’s main restaurant but the place was booked up for weeks!

But after all that I still felt I needed to get him something to open. As we were going somewhere he would want to take pictures I decided on a camera after he’d managed to get sand in the one I got him 2 years previous. He’s been eyeing up my SLR for some time but I know Alan will never actually get round to learning how to use it properly (and so does he). I went for a compact style camera – which is similar to an SLR, with the lenses etc but isn’t as bulky. I presented the camera, meal at Ramsay’s and other small gifts on the morning of his birthday. I left the stadium tour until we got to London.

DSC_1127 DSC_1128 DSC_1135 DSC_1136 DSC_1137

As we weren’t going to London until the next day, we filled the day up with a lunch with Alan’s mum at Tewkesbury Abbey Tea Rooms, I booked us some cinema tickets to see Gravity in the Screening Rooms and then cooked him a meal in the evening. Perfect chilled out day to prepare us for a busy weekend.

P1000003 P1000005 P1000006 P1000014 P1000015 P1000016 P1000018 P1000020 P1000021 P1000034 P1000037 P1000038 P1000040 P1000043

As soon as we arrived in London the following morning, I presented Alan with his Tottenham shirt and the tour tickets. One word: Emotional. Probably more than when he proposed..I let it slide.


I enjoyed the tour but Alan LOVED it. We were always trying to keep up with the group as Alan wanted to take pictures of everything. I’m not exaggerating.

P1000060 P1000062 P1000079 P1000112 P1000141 P1000145 P1000147

We got back to the hotel with only an hour to freshen up, get ready and head back out. Our next stop was the Icebar, which was just off Regent Street. We eventually found it with a little help from two bouncers.

P1000161 P1000162 P1000163 P1000167 P1000169 P1000171 P1000166 967094_10153470216715128_254267184_o

The drinks are really strong, I couldn’t drink mine but Alan was happy to finish it off. As you may have guessed it is freezing in there, even with the gloves and hoody they supply you with. It’s quite a unique experience but worth a visit.

Finally we made our way to Gordon Ramsay’s Maze. We started off with drinks, I had a Watermelon and Strawberry Martini which was amazing!

P1000175 P1000177 P1000180 P1000182 P1000183

After I’d downed my drink we were shown to our table where we delved into the menu. We decided to choose 7 different courses we liked the sound of and share them between us.

P1000187 P1000189 P1000192 P1000194 P1000195 P1000196 P1000197 P1000198 P1000199 P1000202

The food was beautifully presented and our first real experience of fine dining. Some of the food wasn’t to our taste for example, the beef teriyaki but overall it was gorgeous. The staff were extremely helpful and made you feel very welcome.

When we left we walked back towards Regent Street and were dazzled by London’s Christmas Lights display. Selfridges was most impressive.

P1000204 P1000210 P1000209 P1000207

The following day we were free to do what we wanted and what better way to spend a day in London than shopping. Luckily for Alan we only managed a couple of hours before it was ready for lunchtime. We decided to go to one of our favourite American fast food joints, Shake Shack.

P1000212 P1000213 DSC_1142 DSC_1152

Even though there was a queue for your food and then a queue for a table, it was definitely worth it.

P1000214 DSC_1146 DSC_1147 DSC_1148 P1000218

We wondered around for an hour or so before making our way back home to a cup of tea and birthday cake.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Frankie and I just returned from an unforgettable four-day trip to Iceland. It had been on my ‘places to visit’ list for a while so was chuffed to bits when Alan surprised me with a jam packed break as an anniversary present. I know, I am spoilt.

We went in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights and the other natural phenomenons Iceland has to offer. Being a small island and having no real connection to any other country, I didn’t really know what to expect.

What we later discovered was an island with incredibly friendly people and an astonishing landscape on their very doorstep.


Our hotel was right in the centre of Reykjavik, just across the street from the Hallgrimskirkja Church. It was basic but clean and all we needed as a base. In fact we didn’t use it all that much as our daily tours took up most the day and night… but more on that later. The buffet breakfast was nice too – apart from the not very appetising fish that was also on offer.

DSC_1081 DSC_1088 DSC_1086 DSC_1085

Once we had checked into our hotel room, we went on a hunt to find a restaurant in the City Centre. Most of the menus were relatively normal, there was obviously a lot of fish and many offered Minke Whale. Everything in Iceland is pretty expensive, I’m not sure if it has always been like this or just since their currency crash a few years ago. We managed to find a nice place with a pretty good burger for only 1990 kronas (approx. £11).




Alan had booked Northern Lights tours for two nights out of the three we were there and if they don’t show you get to keep going back until they do. In the end we ended up going out for all three nights searching for the lights. Although this is a main attraction in Iceland, I wouldn’t let yourself get too disappointed if you don’t see them – they are so unpredictable, and as we learnt, can appear for only a sort amount of time before they disappear again. All three nights we had clear skies, with amazing views of the Milky Way and The Big Dipper but it wasn’t until the third night we caught our glimmer of the Aurora Borealis.

DSC_1014 DSC_1066 Northern Lights wave Northern Lights dot

As you can see it really was a glimmer, but we were so happy that on our last night we were able to say we had seen them. After three nights of standing in freezing cold temperatures and not getting back to our hotel until 2am, we took this as a victory.

The following day we went out on the Golden Circle tour, which included the Geysers, Gullfoss Waterfall, Thingvellir National Park and quite randomly, a family run company that produces tomatoes in their greenhouses. We learnt a lot on this tour about how self-sufficient Iceland is. They don’t use coal, gas or oil to power anything – all over the country there are power stations using the boiling water from the Geysers deep down beneath the Earth’s surface to provide power, electricity, lighting etc to their homes. We also witnessed on the journey how vast the landscape is, the roads are pretty much empty and there are volcanoes and mountains dotted around everywhere. On one of our Northern Lights tours the guide told us as we drove in the darkness how we were passing a volcano that was due to erupt any day now.. There are only a little over 330,000 people living in Iceland and around 220,000 of those inhabit Reykjavik.

Our first stop was the Tomato Greenhouses, it was only a quick stop but it was to show how the hot water beneath the surface was able to power these huge greenhouses, allowing Iceland to be self sufficient in growing their own fruit and veg. We also got to sample the home made tomato soup, which went down a treat!

DSC_0909 DSC_0914 DSC_0915 DSC_0917

The Gulfoss waterfall we visited was huge and incredibly powerful. The falling water could apparently fill over 20, one tonne containers with water in just seconds.

DSC_0920 DSC_0928



The Geysers were only a sort distance from the waterfall and made up of different shapes and sizes. Whilst all of them were bubbling, there was only one that was shooting up into the air. This only happens every 8-10 minutes, so there are a lot of people standing around with cameras glued to their faces. Myself included! We saw several eruptions but only caught a couple on my camera.

DSC_0954 DSC_0983

DSC_0962 DSC_0965 DSC_0966 DSCN2092

Here we also stopped for lunch where we were told to try an Icelandic delicacy, kjotsupa soup. I wasn’t sure when I first saw it but it was actually really nice, resembling a Lamb hot pot replacing the potatoes with grains. It went perfectly with the chilly weather.


Our final leg of the tour was the Thingvellir National Park, the original site of the oldest existing parliament in the world. It is also where the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasian have divided. It’s both fascinating and a little scary as you pass this huge crack in the Earths surface that is slowly pulling Iceland apart. Along the same road, we crossed one of Iceland’s clearest rivers. The water takes around 30 years to reach this area and so by this time it has been cleaned of all it’s impurities and drained of all it’s minerals. The Icelandic’s are known to go ice skating on it in the winter and able to see right to the bottom of the river.

DSC_0987 DSC_0992 DSC_0997 DSC_1001

The following day we were due to go Whale Watching. Before I’d left home, the idea had really excited me – especially from the clips we had caught on YouTube. However, in the morning I started to work myself up about the sea sickness I heard others had suffered on the trips. Plus I was barely coping with the cold weather on land, let alone in the middle of the ocean! So I let Alan go alone. He went to visit the whales and I went off exploring more of Reykjavik. I had a great day, went up the Hallgrimskirkja Church, visited a Northern Lights museum, did a bit of shopping and treated myself to a panini and a green tea. By 5 o’clock I was waiting for Alan to tell me all about his day at sea. He greeted me with a greener face than normal, stone cold hands and not a lot of photos. Apparently I had made the right decision as the boat was very choppy, several people below deck were chucking up, it was freezing cold and to top it all off – not a whale in sight. Poor Frankie.

DSC_1021 DSC_1032 DSC_1037 DSC_1043

As it was our last night in Reykjavik and Alan hadn’t eaten since the morning, we decided to go somewhere a little fancy. We found this lovely restaurant named after the Geysers near to the harbour. We had a starter of vegetable soup and a bread basket to share, and then both went for fish and chips for the main. The fish was amazing. The best I’ve ever had. Beautiful flavour, incredibly soft – it literally melted in my mouth.

DSC_1049 DSC_1050 DSC_1051 DSC_1053 DSC_1056

It was our last day in Iceland and Alan had arranged for us to spend most of it at the Blue Lagoon. It’s right in the middle of Reykjavik and the airport so it’s the perfect treat before heading home. Iceland has many outdoor pools, one of our tour guides said it is their equivalent of the English pub, where you go to gossip about your neighbours or talk about the latest football scores. It feels a little strange to strip down to your bikini and step out into the freezing cold, when you’ve only been going outside with at least four layers. Nevertheless, once you step into that blue water you forget what it feels like to be cold. We stayed in their for several hours, slapping on the facial masks that are dotted around and dipping into the sauna and steam rooms to make the most of our visit. They even have a bar in the water, where you can grab a drink whilst you’re sitting in the water. The Icelandic’s know how to live.

DSC_1098 DSC_1100 DSC_1101 DSC_1102 DSC_1103 DSCN2176 DSCN2182 DSC_1111 DSC_1113

I can’t recommend Iceland enough. It has so much to offer, the scenery is so beautiful and the people are incredibly friendly. You get the sense it’s a great way of life there and you absorb their laid back attitude. If you ever visit in October, I’d recommend wrapping up warm, it’s colder than you think and don’t worry about learning the language, or taking a phrase book – everyone we met spoke perfect English.


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Simpsons Fish ‘n’ Chips

I have drove past Simpsons fish and chip shop hundreds of times and read the sign ‘Award winning’, telling myself I must try them one day. Well that day finally arrived as we took a visit last weekend.

I checked out their website before we went, cos you know, that’s what I do – and I also found out they are in fact ‘the best chippy in England’. That’s a pretty big statement and a huge accomplishment. Why is it we never visit the stuff on our doorstep?

The establishment itself is also a restaurant but I feel fish ‘n’ chips tastes so much better on your lap, watching the tv. Once we got home we put ‘The Big Wedding’ on (would not recommend) and tucked in. The chips were perfectly cooked, not too greasy, fluffy on the inside with slightly crispy corners. They reminded me of seaside chips. The fish I feel was the pièce de résistance. A generous thick piece of fish, cooked to perfection – the batter nice and crispy but not heavily coated. I can see why they’ve won a few awards.

DSC_0777 DSC_0778 DSC_0779 DSC_0780 DSC_0781

People have apparently travelled far and wide to sample Simpson Fish ‘n’ Chips so if you’re local or not, I’d definitely recommend a visit.

Check out their website, it’s also fully responsive.

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